Betting has become a game of majority in Kenya today. Let’s hear what God is telling us about the same…
1. *Betting can be a form of idolatry*. Isaiah 65:11. Here, people who do gambling are seen to have forfeited true God and turn their hearts to an idol that the Israelites called tho god of fate/ fortune/luck.
2. *Betting is deeply rooted in the spirit of lust and covetousness. Exodus 20:17 says it is sin to covert, or uncontrollably crave for what is not legally yours.
3. *It is a practical demonstration of love for money*. Money is good, but it must be acquired through just means. Love for money is root cause of all evil *Ecl 5;10*, *Heb13:5*, *Luke 12;15*, 1Tim
4. *It is a sign of discontentment* & *impatient* that is moved by desire to get rich quickly. Scripture says such money never satisfy, they easily develop wings and fly away. *Ecl 5:10, Prov 13:11Prov 23:5.*
5. *Betting is against God’s rule of faith*. The bible says, the just shall live by *faith not by fate.* God does not bless though fate, but faith. Fate may or may not, but faith is sure coz all the promises of the Lord are *yes and Amen* in Christ Jesus.
6. *It is lack of trust in God* who is able to supply all our needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus. *Phil 4;19.*
7. *It distorts personal and family discipline on resource management*. No one has a monthly allocation for betting in budget, yet they do it. This implies what was meant for baby’s milk, family bread & children school fees goes to this profitless act..
8. *It contradicts Biblical principal of hard work and builds laziness*. If you work hard with your hand, and faithfully serve God with your substance, you will surely be blessed.
LETS STAND AND SAY *No to betting and spread the word widely*