I had always been a good church girl. Born to Christian parents (who are now separated), I loved being a child of God who always desired to be ready for heaven.
However, while I was still a child, I got exposed to some inane acts.
Before I was 8, I was molested, introduced to sex – lesbianism – by my classmate’s elder sister.
We happened to be neighbors and this proximity gave her access to me as she severally molested her younger sister and me.
This did not leave me the same.
Driven by the urges, I began abusing younger boys of about 7. I was just 12 then and didn’t know what I was doing, it just felt normal to use those boys.
I regret it now that I know better. I see one of those boys struggling now and it hurts. I’m not sure he even remembers but I’m praying for him and trying to reach out to him.
About the same time, I was molested by my male cousin, who was about same age. At 13, a male family friend who’s 8 or 9 years older, did the same to me. I eventually became given to watching pornography and masturbating at such young age. The Harlequin, and M&B novels I read made things worse.
Yet, somehow, I still managed to come off to people as a morally upright person who fears God. I even tried to convince myself that I was a good Jesus baby. I would always go to God to ask for forgiveness after I did all these things and would somewhat feel better, only for a relapse to occur. My room bears witness to the countless times I have rededicated my life to God.
I got into the University and, as a fresh student, I was made a member of the executive. I was fervent in the things of God, yet I struggled with masturbation, pornography, and lies. Even my determination did not keep me away from them. It rather took me away from God.
I couldn’t go to God for help because I always felt hopeless and unclean. I almost decided to just sell myself into prostitution since I couldn’t help it.
At least, that way, I would easily regard myself as a bad person and quit the pretense. I felt I was struggling to enjoy the fellowship people have with God, neither was I free 2 enjoy what the ‘bad girls’ enjoyed. And had 2 pick what I considered the easier side.

Storyline 2
Are you ready for today’s real life story?You can actually be with somebody for years but still not know what they battle with…
Everyone has something they struggle with at certain point in their lives🤔🤔Today’s story is so touching to me…
Its about a dear friend, I never knew he went through these struggles until after two years we became friends. I hope you get inspired There’s more to his story than I’ll be sharing today…

Beauty for Ashes hangout will unveil more
Ayo (not real name) was the only son nutured by a single mother, but he was a source of sorrow for his mother due to his wayward lifestyle.
He happens to be a chronic masturbator, a baddass gambler, a drunker, a smoker, (just name it)
Let’s read his story in his pen
Those days evil were just so easy for me to do, I was just on a express road heading to destruction, there was no distraction, hindrance or what so ever … I was just heading towards destruction.
Those days u can’t see me and don’t find a pack of cigarette in my pocket…I remember doing money rituals on a several occasions, Mehnn I don’t have any conscience then.. But devil was so smart that I have a cool face that u can’t never sense what was going on in my mind, I don’t pretend.. Naturally my face was just a deceiver. I remember getting use to codeine, tramadol and all sort of drugs.
But thanks to God I had one encounter, it’s so amazing how one encounter can make a whole lot of difference
…This is how my life change…
But one faithful day after smoking SK Jesus step into my room and… And that was the end. I became a new man, all my friends thought it was a joke, only for it to still be a joke till now, year roll by no regrets…There is nobody anywhere that I left in the world that I wish I could have been like if I was still in the world..
… Jesus exchanged the ashes for beauty🙌🙌This thing is real, Holy Spirit is real, He such a mad, jealous lover of my soul… If you allow him, he’ll turn that weakness, that addiction to your strength and give you a testimony that will change others through you.
This is just part of my story

This promises to be live changing and life transforming!
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