Transportation is the movement of people, animals and goods from one location to another.
There are various modes of transportation one of which includes air, rail, road, water, cable, pipeline and space.
Transport is important because it enables trade between people which essential for the development of civilizations. As important as it is, it could pose threats to budgets.
Mode of transport
A mode of transport is a solution that makes use of certain types of vehicle and operation.
The transportation of a person, goods and services involves several modes of operation in which each has its advantages and disadvantages and its chosen based on n its cost, route and capability. Below are the types or mode of transportation available in the world.

    1. Human – powered; it involves the usage of human muscle in various forms like walking, running and swimming.
    2. Animal – powered; another form of transportation which also involves the use of working animals for the movement of human and goods
    3. Air; also a means used to transport humans, goods and services. An aircraft known as airplane is used for transportation.
    4. Rail
    5. Road
    6. Water and other available modes like pipeline and cable transport. (Culled from Wikipedia).

In this article we would be considering the transportation habits of Americans. Unfortunately, they have several cruddy transportation habits that are inefficient which poses big risk or threat to the health of the residents and international workers, community spending habits and national security and if proper care is not taken; an alternative to good transportation practice, which would cost more than just money. Investigation reports that these habits vary by individuals and locality depending on their choices which are:

  1. Consistent usage of cars:

For the fact that there are several modes of transport, human would always choose car mostly because of its convenience and speed of travel. Statistics proved that 88% of americans trips are completed by private vehicles instead of boarding public transits. On the other hand, its usage has disadvantages which are high fuel consumption rate, depleting of green spaces for roads and parking lots.

  1. Much time spent in the car:

As convenient and comfortable one would feel in a car, it is not advisable to spend much time in it as it disastrous to the human health. Apart from a fact that it consumes fuel and also has bad effects on the community, it is also responsible for the reduction in the quality and length of life as reported by the American Public Health Association (APHA).

  1. High consumption of fuel

Americans usage of fuel surpasses that of other countries. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, it was sad that her citizens consumed 18.6 million barrels of oil per day in 2012 which means they are the world leading country in petroleum usage. Estimates from the Department of Energy in the U.S. showed that the rate of energy use for transportation had increased over 50% faster than the American population in the last 20years. But oil based energy are not renewable because they are burnt and once they are used, they are non-recoverable and this serves as a threat to modes of operation in the economy. This high consumption has also proved to be a problem in

      1. Environment; the end products of this fuel after destroys the environment, also acting as a pollutant which causes rise in carbon emissions contributing to global warming.
      2. Social impact; from a social point of view, it puts international workers at risk of exploitation because oil field work is dangerous and their wages aren’t enough to take care of them if injured on the job.
  1. Much money spent on transportation:

This also is not of any good to the economy of America as much of the fund spent on this mode of transport cannot be recovered due to its operating mode. It has in turn affected other budgets both as a family and as a nation. In recent times, personal budgets in the American history has more than doubled which means that less budget would be available for purchases or investments.
Probable Solutions to the Transportation Problems in America
The above listed problems have been in existence for decades and it’s the usual way of commuting in the country. So changing it over the night can be difficult but this few solutions highlighted below can make a difference if individuals, families and the community can begin to embrace the different means available.

    1. Reducing the amount spent on fuel for the usual mode of transport (driving of personal vehicle) which in turn helps to save more. Other mode of transportation should also be embraced like walking, boarding of public transits like train and buses.
    2. Much time spent in the car poses enough threat on the human health especially while in traffic. Commuters should their routes very well so as to know the best time to drive; avoiding peak traffic times.
    3. Citizens who have more than one car in their possession should only keep the needed so as to save enough for purchases and investments.

These are helpful tips on finding a permanent solution to the transportation problems in America.
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