In warfare there is something called “frenemy” or friendly enemy. It refers to a situation where your enemy also acts as a friend. He gives you seemingly good ideas but really doesn’t mean well for you.
As I read about the fall of man this morning in Genesis 3, I see exactly why EVE succumbed to the serpent. The enemy came with the voice of a friend.
In life, your biggest enemy is not the person who has declared himself your enemy, but the friend with an enemy heart and voice. Sometimes this friend may even mean well, but the real content of the suggestions and the end product is not going to be well.
When someone tells you, “Do it, others are doing it”, the person may mean well for you, but that voice, that suggestion may not end well.
As you join me and read Genesis 3 this day, pray that God gives you wisdom to stand strong on what is right no matter the pressure.