Pregnancy is a state of foetus conception like it is known.  Quite a lot of fun as well as discomfort comes with pregnancy.
As some people experience pregnancy period as a lot of fun and for some it’s the other way round but in whatever case it may be it is important to know that pregnancy period can also be a period to come to understand a lot of things about the one carrying the foetus and the foetus itself.
The pregnancy period can be segmented into three different stages;

In this stage being the first stage of pregnancy quite a lot tend to happen and when I say a lot I mean a lot. In this period you’ll likely begin to experience niggling pains in your pelvic region which you will want to figure out if it’s a menstrual cramps or possibly pregnancy symptoms.
If you smoke or drink , likely chances that you’ll be smoking or drinking a glass of wine a day or two  before you find out you’re pregnant. You secretly want to suck in your tommy but not until you start looking pregnant you will only look a little bit bloated.
Hormonal changes occur in this stage too , puking and transvaginal ultrasound which happens like there is a porno starring your cervix all happen in this stage.
You will spend at least  20 minutes in a day looking at yourself in any full length reflective surface, you will celebrate when your belly pops but in the actual sense you’re just still bloated.
The hormone becomes defensive, crazy intense dreams and might likely have to change your sheet every morning like a 14 year old. At the 20 weeks of pregnancy, ultrasound shows baby making them look like a voldemort.
You begin to fantasize about your mid-wife. Nipples begin to change colour and may leak, you will fart your way through the second trimester as you begin to get anxious of the sex of your baby.
Your test for gestational diabetes will make you go off sugar for a day, it is advicable that you take a yellow drink if you have options between an orange or a yellow drink.
You become sweaty and oily from the hormones, you likely want to be on the couch always as it becomes a test in heroics, but it will serve as a training exercise for your marathon walk down the street or supermart stall.
Sex becomes a game of naked twister, in this stage  when your mid-wife checks your cervix during a Braxton Hicks contraction you’ll almost want to kick her  or him with your legs but since your legs are in stirrups you will look like a moose and probably fart because you’re still gassy.
If you want to go into labor by your due date don’t pack an overnight bag, don’t shave your legs, don’t get a pedicure and really don’t wear a clean undrerwear.

If you feel like you need to have a long meeting in the bathroom with your newspaper in your hands , it’s probably time to push.
You’ll become aggressive, want to kill the fellow who did this to you, feel like you’re dieing,  you’ll scream and kick and probably shit yourself more than once ,Pitocin will make you bleed more, at a point you will want to make any offer  to an anesthesiologist in exchange for a quick epidural.
But at a point you will realize you can do this and do it successfully.
The law of Stockholm syndrome dictate that you will fall in love with at least one person in the labor and delivery room and that person won’t be your partner.
No amount of massage or olive oil will prevent you from tearing, you definitely will have tears but can be minimal or much depending on the size and weight of your baby.
No words can describe the relief you have after your baby is out and off course welcome to parenting.