We are in a modern age and that is very True, where Social Media, Technology and every medium of communication and information is a major part of our lifestyle and society.
As good as these equipment are, and as much as they are value adding, we need to be highly selective in the usage, as we are in the end-time and the devil is using every medium to execute his agenda and we are not ignorant of the devices of the devil, lest he gains an advantage.
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Just take a look at the Picture above? This is what millions of youths are watching!

Today, I want to address this very Popular T.V Program called ‘Big Brother Africa, which majority shortens to BBNAIJA’ this program is massively catching the attention of the youth, and anytime of the year when it is running, people tend to stay distracted from their primary assignments, goals, Business, and even some church folks easily get distracted by it, I have students in some hostels of Nigeria Universities like ‘Lautech… Staying awake till 3am in the mid-night not to pray or read Books, but to watch BBNAIJA, even when the light is off, folks go the extra mile of putting up their generator just to watch this T.V Show, now the very disgusting thing is, the program, aren’t sharing any sensual knowledge that could be of Help to Life and Destiny of the Youths; it is not helping them to reach their dream, it is a massive distraction which is leading many to Destruction without their awareness, we have young ladies going to the program to discuss irrelevant issues, interviews and even having sex with one another, they also tend to show their activity within the house on T.V even while the ladies are dressing up, they are on full on T.V and the world is watching.
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Youth are getting their mind fed with sexual perversion and they don’t seems to take note, Media as so much captured the heart of our youth, any time BBNAIJA is going on in the country, it will be the major trending keyword on Twitter and Instagram, it is the current update on major Nigerian Blogs and forums, because it is a trending story and everyone wants to know about the housemate that just got evicted, the one that just had sex with someone, or the one that was taking her bath while they were watching, this is very silly and disgusting, they actually pay them a reward and endorsement also come in from various companies and organization, but what they lose on the longrun is massively way beyond what is been paid, but it seems the god of this world as blindfold their eyes, the truth is, it attracts Millions of Viewership almost than any other seasonal T.V Shows, and the idea of voting also helps the organizers to make a lot of money, they really don’t bother about what is been viewed and the impact it has on the lives of people.
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If the god of this world blindfold the eyes of others; that should not be the case with you a s a True Child of God, your eyes must be open, it must not be blind, it must not be closed, the Bible says; ‘Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!
The Immorality and pervasion that is been promoted on BBNAIJA is too corrupt for you to be watching, you are feeding your mind with a very wrong information, which will ultimately pollute and defile your spirit!
The Salvation we got if free, but the maintenance is not free, it cost something to maintain it, you cannot afford to hear the word of God and watch BBNAIJA at the same time, it will pollute the seed of the word you have heard and make it of no effect inside of you, there must always be a notable and tangible gap between those that are saved and those that are not.
Let it be known to all that you are a child of God and that you belong to God.
This is very important.
That is why the Bible says; ‘Do not be conform to this world, but be ye transform by the renewing of your mind, the time you rather spend watching disgusting stuffs on BBNAIJA, you could use it to study the word of God; watch sermons, pray or worship God, read books in line of your Career, Family, Marriage, Destiny, Calling or BUSINESS.
Give yourself wholly unto Good works, instead of watching a perverse and seductive program like Bbnaija, do you know how many Youths have lost their glory and future to perversion?
Because they are not keeping themselves for God and the Bible says ‘Our Body is the Temple of the Living God, which means, God lives and dwell inside our Body’.
The bible says;
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will. – Romans 12:2
Now, We need to understand that this is one of the greatest challenge and temptation that you face as a Christian, and you have to keep your body under always, so as not to sin against God.
You need to make up your mind and ask for the help of The Holy Spirit always to stay fit, we need to establish the fact that, we cannot overcome temptation on our own and we not not avoid it, but we can ask for his help always, part of the process of asking for Divine Help is to shut down the networks and medium via which it may come, close the door access to temptation, don’t give it a chance at all, this Bbnaija is a demonic and a satanic mountain that has been designed form the kingdom of darkness to fall many people unknowingly, that is why in your Christian journey, you can’t afford to be anything goes, you can’t afford to go life like every other person, that can be very dangerous and catastrophe.
You need to select carefully your friend, your hobby, your T.V Stations, you have the responsibility of pleasing God always, not pleasing man, so it really doesn’t matter what someone may feel or say, to you in the process of doing the will of God.
As long as you are pleasing God, and you are in right standing with him, you will surely be victorious, we also need to understand that in the bid of fighting spiritual warfare, we need stamina, capacity, tenacity and Spiritual Vibrancy but you tend to lost all these when you are in SIN, especially Sexual Sin, imagine you just finish watching Bbnaija, your mind is so dirty, you want to pray, you cannot pray, you cannot even connect with God, this breakage is very dangerous, because it can bring about an open access for the enemy and cause Oppression.
We must be wise and vigilant in these last days, may God help us in Jesus name.