It is so much possible to work without going to school; having a university degree. I do not say that education is not relevant or important as it helps in grooming people for the outside world.

However, following the conventional routine of studying a four or five–year course after leaving the secondary school takes a long time and can also be pricey.

Some do not buy the idea of the traditional schooling system as it is not their strength. Also, the idea of piling up debts in the form of loans is not enticing.

There are some who do not buy the idea of attending college; you should consider getting a degree through the Part – Time program, Distance Learning or an online degree in any course.


While you might not need a degree to get a job in Nigeria, you would eventually need it for career progression.

There are still many occupations in the job market that provides great and huge income, a positive work-life balance and a high level of satisfaction which also doesn’t require you to follow the normalcy of a four year degree.

Yet, for a good number of these jobs, you must own some certifications from certified training and/or courses that are in sync with your career. Here in this article is compiled a list of amazing career opportunities that do not require a tertiary institution degree.

Before rushing into these career opportunities, be reminded that finding a job in this age is quite a different process than it was like 20-25 years ago. It can be difficult to know where to look for a rewarding job with minimal education requirements.

However, these article is solely designed to help you understand job descriptions, how to meet job requirements and as well provide the average annual salary for each of the jobs listed below.

  1. Freelance WriterThis writing job is very common in Nigeria as it is an independent thing. As a freelance writer, you can decide to write for magazines, blogs, local newspapers, websites and also individuals depending on what is required. To be one, you can either be a content writer or even a freelance reporter and also depends on the role you are employed for. The major responsibility of the freelance writer is to search, build, and study and in turn develop their own stories. However, a freelancer must be business-minded and competitive as these qualities help secure work on a regular basis.

These kind of writers cover lots of topics, subjects and specializations from Fashion to IT, Human Interest, Health, Politics, Education, Entertainment, Religion, Sports and Crime. In cases where they have to prepare articles about another location other than the place where they are based, they might have to relocate so as to deliver well if they have no correspondence.

One of the advantage of a freelance writer is that the submission doesn’t require being present physically in an office. There are cases that tend to be risky and even dangerous; involving the report of natural disasters, war and going undercover.

A freelance writer should have a good portfolio of written books which are able to persuade the reader’s attention. This job is a popular one in Nigeria which doesn’t necessarily require a degree but experience is what counts the most; more than a degree. Still, it is important you take relevant courses and training. The maximum salary that can be earned annually is 2 Million Naira.

  1. Photography: People often look at this profession as one which is for the unserious or unemployed but not for those who have and know what owning a degree in photography (Bachelor of Arts) means. While, this degree would look good on your Curriculum Vitae (CV), there are several more options that you can build a career in photography as well as for advancement. Courses on this profession include art, business, marketing and other courses to round out ones education. Having a successful career in photography coupled with experience and skill is good but not enough. A number of them with the skill take some courses especially those of highly specialized industries, which include photojournalism, industrial photography or scientific photography. Maximum annual salary is 4 Million Naira.
  2. Sales Representative: This is one who is found in a shop, an outlet, mall or plaza attending to customers and also helps decide which products to buy; encouraging them to make purchases and also to always patronize next time. They interact with customers, prepare sales contracts and also maintain sales records. However, these ones spends most of their times on feet attending to customers and also could do extra hours so as to meet target.

They are as well in charge (not all) of information and communication technologies services such as setting up of corporate email accounts, response to clients’ enquiries, account negotiations, online presentations etc. earnings are predominantly salary and commissioned-based.

  1. Social Media AnalystTo become a social media analyst, you must have a concrete knowledge in marketing but do not require a degree to brush yourself up; building an online presence and brand awareness. Most of them achieve this through the efficient use of social media networks, blogs and online search engine optimization.

As a media analyst, you will be responsible to creating and maintaining company’s online presence on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter amongst many. You could also be responsible for the maintaining of the company’s blog, increasing company’s brand exposure through the Search Engine Optimization and also find ways to use these keywords in marketing strategies. Annual salary is within 3 Million Naira.

  1. Web DeveloperThe job of these ones is to create and develop websites and applications. They are known to work in a variety of industries; most doing freelance jobs. To be a certified web developer, you do not need a degree as well though it varies but can entry level work online courses and certifications. The job of a developer demands that he/she is able to create the user experience (its features) and users interface (its look and layout) of a website. To start this, you need to have acquired knowledge on graphic design and computer programming which can be acquired through the available online courses. The duty of a web developer covers all aspect of creating a website; including writing and editing contents, web design layout, updating the websites etc. having a good portfolio would help so much in gaining clients. Salary earned annually is N4 Million.
  2. Digital Marketer: Generally, digital marketers work on initiating effective marketing campaigns online but their educational requirements for a career varies according to position. Anyone who is interested in this career can become digital sales executives, internet marketing specialists, SEO marketing specialists or digital marketing directors, among other options. Specialists in this career field are expected to be vast in a broad range of online media platforms. The promotional campaigns are handled or supervised by the manager which in turn relieves and makes work easier for the Digital Marketer. Their annual salary is high due to the task they are saddled with; ranges from 9-10 Million Naira.
  3. Graphic Designer: Basically, these ones work in the advertising and marketing industries where they are to oversee a team that includes copywriters, graphic designers and account managers. Anyone who desires to learn this can get relevant training in courses like advertisement as it prepares students for this career. They are saddled with the responsibility of developing and working out creative portions of the advertisements and marketing materials. Those who have interest in artistic developments will fare better if they enroll in graphic design and visual communications. Also, taking professional exams and becoming a member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations would go a long way in achieving ones dream. Annual salary (maximum) is N12 Million
  4. Translator: To become a translator is not an easy task as it involves you understanding basic languages. You would need to be versatile in at least two languages or more as you desire to. It is quite similar to the job of a freelancer writer as it doesnt require you to be in an official office. In most cases, the translator writes articles with the same content, translated from the original written in a different language. Many are known to fluently speak and write a second language apart from English, even in Nigeria. Some of the popular languages that need translation are Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Portuguese. To earn a decent pay out of this, you need to be more proficient as a linguist and also know more than three languages that have high demands for translation. Companies are always in favor of applicants who know more than two languages.
  5. Police Cadet Inspector: To own an Inspector badge in Nigeria, you do not need a bachelors degree. Yet, you will need to be equipped by being trained from a Police training academy and then work your way up the ranks. It is expedient that candidates must also pass background checks, physical fitness tests and psychological tests to attending the training academy. Before being promoted to a Detective position (they carry out investigations by gathering evidence, interviewing suspects, examining facts and conducting surveillance), there is a probationary period that you pass through which last up to three years. They typically work in a specific department such as guns and gungs, narcotics, organized or homicide crime. The remuneration package for the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) isnt that great though above that of the Senior Assistant Inspector General (N8.5 Million) but it offers a high degree of job security.

Finally, you can work and earn a decent pay without attending a university as a four year degree is not the right path for everyone.

There are still several rewarding jobs you can pursue without queuing for a degree in a university.

All that’s needed is a great resume and a successful interview and you that perfect career is achieved without needing to earn a degree.