The Bible says the wages of sin is death, death in this wise are two (Spiritual and physical death), in today’s message, Pastor Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Citadel (MFM) pointed out the consequences of Sexual Sin, as this sin is becoming so prevalent in our world today and it is taking away the virtues in Human life and destroying man’s relationship with God.
Remember sexual sin is the only sin that you commit to yourself and it defiles your body, it is awful so many people don’t understand the implication of this act to their destiny and their relationship with God, Pastor Olukoya as revealed so many consequences of this sin. – Your Body is the Temple of the Living God, and you must purify his temple always so that you can keep the presence of God active in your Life.
50 Deadly Consequences of Sexual Sins

  1. Feeling of Guilt: This can be seen in the life of Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God, the feeling of guilt came in as they lost their mutual relationship with God and they also lost the confidence and sound mind God has given them.
  2. Self-condemnation: When you go against God’s will, self-condemnation sets in, and it is a weapon of the enemy you must wage war against by running away from sin.
  3. Divided-mind : In this case you can’t hear God anymore, you are just so devastated and troubled in your mind, this is not God’s will for you but it is a product of sin.
  4. Anxiety
  5. Damaged Self-esteem
  6. Hypocrisy
  7. Emptiness; The bible says as many that believeth, out of their belly will flow rivers of living water but now that you have deep your hands into sin, the water will not flow and you will be empty because you have defile the presence of God in you.
  8. Disappointment : There are pleasures at the right hand of God, enough pleasures to take care of your pressures and worries but when you deep your hands into sin, you are disqualify.
  9. Anger: This is never one of the fruit of the spirit and it’s a product of sin, you must get rid of it by getting back to God.
  10. Depression : In this case you can’t even pray for yourself, you can’t read the word, you can praise and worship God again, you can’t hear his voice because you have lost your relationship with the father.
  11. Dishonesty
  12. Doubt
  13. Wasted Time : You are not fruitful for God again, you don’t even know what you are doing again, you lost your focus in God’s presence, you waste time unaware, these are product of sin.
  14. Dimished Effectiveness
  15. Fear: The bible says, I have not giving you the spirit of fear but of power and of a sound mind, the only reason for fear is Sin, and this is one of the weapons of the devil to weaken your effectiveness and fulfillment of destiny.
  16. Disobedience to God : God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him but you cannot even seek him again nor to talk of obey his commandment.
  17. Regret
  18. Remorse
  19. Abortion : This one is getting too obvious in our society today and it as put so many souls into disarray, it is one of the ways by which the devil uses sin against you to weaken your body, spirit and soul and it as even taken away some people’s Life, while causing others to be barrel for ever, you need to flee from sexual sins and resist the devil from your life totally.
  20. Damage Fellowship with God : One of the benefits of serving the Lord with the whole of your heart is “Enjoying a mutual communication and relation with him because you are able to keep his presence within you but when sin sets in, you loses it.
  21. Crying “Tear”
  22. Divine Punishment : God is a God of judgment and after he as release so many grace and you misused them, he also punish his disobedient children.
  23. Sexually Transmitted Diseases : The word of the Lord says by his stripe we are healed, God is a healer and one of the dividend of salvation is healing “instant healing” but when you deep your hands into sin, the spirit of the living depart for you and calamity like STD might set in, you need to guide your life and go back to God.
  24. Damage to Testimony : God wants to give you a great testimony that the devil cannot destroy but your sins can hinder God and also make the devil damage your testimony because you have his symbol “sin” in your Life.
  25. Damage to Relationship with God : There is nothing compare to a free flow relationship with the God of power but when sin sets in, your relationship with God is destroy why? Because God is Holy! And he desires you to be Holy.
  26. Damage to Ministry : Your Life as a mandate to fulfill in the ministry of Christ and this is very important so far, you have been saved, you must rise to the salvation of others and secure their eternal with God through the gospel of Christ but if sin is in your Life, your ministry will be destroyed as the devil is always on the look to destroy the life of the children of God but the only way to hinder him is by running away from sin.
  27. Damage to Future : God as planted a productive and magnificient future ahead of children as he promised us in his word that he is a God if power and he will give us an expected end, but the lifestyle of sin will make this mandate void.
  28. Defilement ; Your body is the temple of Christ, and you are to keep his temple holy so that he can always abide therein, but when sin sets in, you have disqualify his presence in your Live and defile your ownself.
  29. Reprobate Mind : This is dangerous and deadly, I pray by his grace you will not lose your faith in Christ Jesus, reprobate mind can make those who as seen the lord to turn back and seek what is lesser than God, sexual sin can lead to reprobate mind.
  30. Delivered to Satan : Satan is moving like a roaring Lion looking for whom to devour he might not necessary come to you in form of devouring you but through sexual sin, your life can be delivered to satan.
  31. Sin against the body “Temple of God” : Remember your body is the temple of God, always keep God’s presence clean in your life, If you allow sin in your life, his presence can not be active in you.
  32. Bringing the Anger of God : I pray may you never experience the anger of the most high God, plead the blood of Jesus so that the anger of the Lord might not come on you, sexual sin can predispose you to the Anger of God.
  33. Breeding of Bastard : God as a divine mandate for every child, sexual sin makes them cumbersome to achieve, wait on the Lord, keep your body clean and flee from sexual sin so that you will not breed bastards.
  34. Evil blood Convenant : Sexual Sin involves two body and Blood transmission, anything blood is a convenant and it must be broken, as it is demonic and also makes evil spirit to posses man.
  35. Demonization “Demonic” :
  36. Internal Bondages and Yolk will be Strengthen
  37. Destiny Diversion
  38. Pollute the Church
  39. Make Satan Happy
  40. Unwanted Pregnancy
  41. Damage to the Womb
  42. Barrelness
  43. Untimely Death
  44. Murder
  45. Wrong Marriage
  46. Troubled Marriage
  47. Physical and Spiritual Death
  48. Lack of Visions and Revelations
  49. Stagnancy in Faith
  50. Damage to Prayer Life.