As Beautiful as Formal Education is to our world and society today, it as been discovered that Personal Development is still a major necessity for maximizing Life and Destiny.
You can be educated and not free from ignorance, because the school system is not design to give you completely, all that you would need, there is yet more for the smooth running of Life and Destint, today i will be sharing some of the major keys for students and undergraduate, aspects and areas of Life where you need to work on, look into and sharpen them before you graduate.
It is so sad that majority of Nigerian students in tertiary institutions don’t bother about polishing their spoken and written english,not to talk of been conversant with the correct and appropriate usage. Some graduates speak english worse than a toddler, making one wonder what they spent 16yrs doing in school. You hear them spew gabbage like “he come and slap me and I come and beat him”,”borrow me your pen and don’t let me forget it in you hand”. If you speak such english to an interviewer, even with first class clearly written on your CV, he will probably think
you runzed your way through school.
The use of words like yeah, goddamn, omo, sh*t, f**k,sha,abi,faaa etc should be stopped because they don’t portray you as a decent,behave and we’ll mannered person.
An adage says, “you will be addressed the way you dressed”.Looking good and decent on campus was one of the things I enjoyed during my undergraduate days, although it took some time before I could understand that people first see your dressing before seeing you.
It was fun because you had so much of the opposite sex around to admire you. The moment I graduated, my orientation changed from stopping to wear denims and sneakers, sagging and putting on studs with crazy hairstyle should come to a stop if such a person wants to fit into the corporate world. In the corporate world, you get to mingle with matured and/or married men with enough decency.
Sagging in their midst will make you look kiddo. Just because your favourite musician Davido sags his trousers doesn’t mean you should do the same.
He gets paid to do that while you could get fired for doing the same.we can be age-mate but we are not grace-mate.
Moreover, look more decent because you can’t most of the time change first impression when you meet people.
The first time I heard someone say his salary is #120,000, I hissed and mocked him in my mind because that was the same amount we students spent on phones just to oppress each other.
Now I’ve seen people earning less than 45k even with years of experience. What kind of person do you think you’ll turn out to be when all you want is the latest expensive gadgets? In the real world, no one cares about the kind of phone you use,your employers care much more about what you can offer for the company to grow and move forward, besides you also need to improve yourself because if you can’t offer anything again you will be outdated.
Even on naija campus these days, girls have stopped falling for a guy because of the phone he uses, they now trip for flashy cars, how much you can spend on them at a single outing and toward extent can you spend the money. So, before you spend that huge amount on a phone, ask yourself this question: “is it going to improve my standard of living?” or “what value is it adding to my life”. I didn’t know I could turn my smart phone to a mini laptop with WPS, Excel etc until I need to work on my business. My phone was all about bbm, whatsapp, facebook and other social media apps, keeping wasting money inform of data. I now saw the full potential of the phone.
You need to cut down on your spending by learning to spend on what you need and not what you want. Also, get the idea of clubbing off your mind or it might ruin your pockets.
The money saved by self discipline, self control and delayed gratification can be used to start something great. I would rather prefer that you empty your pocket into your head. Use your creative mind.
You remember how you use to complain about the large notebooks you have to read for exams? You will not be able to contribute to you immediate environment,company and business, if you lack reading attitude and abilities. You are always seen reading gossip blogs where you are updated with the lifestyle of celebrities but lack the idea of how to improve yourself and widening your scope and orientation.
Scaling through campus days as a lazy person doesn’t mean such is likely to continue in the real world. Carrying on with laziness is what leads to input thoughts such as yahoo yahoo, prostitution, where a lady feels she can use her body to fetch her daily bread instead of her brain, or where a guy still expects his uncle to be the one to help him achieve his targets even after getting him a job through nepotism. Therefore, develop your mind and brain capacity, widen your scope, read and think beyond you box that is beyond the cope of study. Start thinking of what you want to do with your life and channeling your energy towards achieving that.
I remember my final year days in school,thinking of what the future hope for me; I know I won’t be staying at home immediately after the one year compulsory service. I was always happy about what the future held for me. But reality slapped me in the face when my first offer was a job paying #15,000.I had no choice but to take the offer because I was already tired of adding more months to the six months I had spent at home just sleeping. Luckily for me, that job paved the way for a better one because it gave me the
needed experience recruiters want to see on a CV.
I’ve now realise that 350k is only feasible for those in the oil sector and those with huge years of experience, not a fresh graduate who doesn’t know his left from his right. As you are about graduating, never see any job as demeaning. Take it up while you continue searching for better one even if it’s a texting or security -what we called gate keeper now. This gives you experience.
A bird in hand is better than a million in the bush. Remember, no one gives a damn about you out there but also remember that if you are making millions they will tell story and say that you’re their family.
So, drop your pride and use your head and hands or end up spending years still eating your mum’s food with insults. And please don’t follow the crowd or work and walk with another man’s time, we are one different path according to our choice and decision.
If it makes sense to you share to all students you know and you will be blessed for changing lives!