“Prayer does not require partnership for answers or delivery. Prayer does not need a group to secure answers; prayer does not require a team to secure answers. You don’t need anybody’s vote to scale any heights in life…It is he that asks that receives, not THEY. It is he that knocks…not THEY…”


“Over 90 percent of what drives my life, I got it on the prayer alter. So watch out, there shall be an outbreak of revelations in answer to your questions this season…Break it down into 3-3 days modules, saying Jesus, these three days, I must encounter you…”


“What you will hit this year, 60 years of labour may not achieve it…No career here shall be grounded this year…”


“If you are not ready to change your approach…you cannot improve on your situation…We must clear the barrier to maximize this season.”


“There’s no unforgivable sin with God, but you cannot receive forgiveness without confession.”


“Every time you don’t let go, you are held down. Let go of bitterness. No defence, no offence.”


“Define your goals and objectives for this fast, define the project you desire to see accomplished in this fast. No assumptions. Use today to do that, then program your engagement – say, ‘my prayer time shall be so so so and so time.’ Make the most of this season, minimum one hour of prayer per day; minimum one hour of searching the scriptures. … draw up a plan, praying without planning is like playing without knowing….what eyes have not seen, what ears have not heard, and what has not entered into the hearts of man, they shall become the order of the day for you this season.”


“Prepare to engage your heart in seeking the Lord. The church needs to be able to separate the head from the heart. They are two separate entities. (1Thes.5:23. Jer.29:30. Psalm 27:8.). Engage your heart in seeking the Lord these three weeks, and heavens will come down in your favour; heavens will come down regarding your health, heavens will come down in your family…in the name of Jesus.”


“What you get out of this year’s annual prayer and fasting season is absolutely your responsibility. say, ‘Jesus, I want to have a raw encounter with you this season as I engage on this prayer altar.’ Settle down to make the most of this season, and you will be glad you did.”


“The One-Night with the King this Friday will be broadcast to all our provincial centers and other selected centers. The king has sent for you to change your story, make it a date with Jesus. From the altar of prayer, God will take over your battle. That shall be your experience this year.”


Expect the unleashing of heavenly favour on your life…Expect raw fulfilment of prophecies…The harder things get for the world, the better they get for you…Get ready to experience the Lord this season.”


“Fasting without praying is a religious hunger strike. Fasting without feasting on the Word is mere religious dieting…”


“With this Communion, your prayer life will be a surprise to yourself…This will be your most impactful prayer season…As you partake of this Communion, new dawn order of energy will surge forth in you. You shall not faint on the way…Your prayers will impact on this Commission; your prayers will impact on members of this church, your prayers will impact on your generations; none of your children shall be a concern. You will never see weakness all through these 21 days…Your prayer altar will be on fire…In Jesus’ name.” (1Kings 19:8)


“Praying kingdom advancement prayers commits God to your need – known and unknown. Make sure you engage with these intercessory prayer guidelines…Make sure that no day passes without kingdom-advancement prayers coming from your prayer altar. It is going to be a major secret card for you this season…”


“Check yourself in the mirror today, by next Sunday you will be more beautiful; you will be more handsome; your face will be glowing.”


“You have what it takes to free yourself.”

— Bishop David Oyedepo

From the message: “Maximizing the Blessedness of Prayer and Fasting” (Sunday, January 7, 2018 – Special Communion Service) by Bishop David Oyedepo