INTRODUCTION: Prosperity is a process likewise poverty.
Your habit determines your habitat, your nature determines your future. Proverbs 10:4
In both process stated above there are habits and traits that can help us to predict if someone will either become rich or poor.
1. TIGHT FISTEDNESS / STINGINESS : When you see someone who is stingy, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that poverty looms for such a person. A person who is not stingy attracts friends and family.
STINGINESS is an habit of the poor.
Until you are ready to release what you have, God will not give you what he has for you.
God will not commit His resources into the hands of someone who Will hoard it. Luke 6:38.
Luke 16:2
Spirituality and accountability are two different entities. Many people are spiritual but not accountable. When you are not accountable, you are excluding yourself from being a prosperity candidate.
Learn to write down your income and expenditure, show it to your spouse and let him or her be your check and balance.
Until you are accountable in little , God will not commit into your hands bigger blessings.
Giving an underage boy a car to drive will eventually kill him.
The car is a blessing but he can’t handle that kind of blessing so also, God will not give you a blessing that you cannot handle.
Ecclesiastes 1:14. You can’t meet up with the latest trend, Be satisfied with what you have. Every time you try to impress someone, you compress yourself . Live your life.
Many people don’t even notice you. Who you are is what gives value to what you wear not the other way round.
When you see a man pursuing pleasure, such a man can never be rich. Proverbs 21:17. Many people have built houses in their stomach. Two things every man will go through in life
A. Pleasure B. Pressure .
Choose the one you go through first. It is preferable you go for Pressure as a young man and enjoy pleasure later. It’s a disastrous thing to enjoy pleasure early in life and then pressure later.
Malachi 3:10. When you hold on to your tithe, things become tight. Tithe is bitter when you eat it . Tithe is like an orange seed, the orange juice is sweet after the seeds have been removed likewise you enjoy the balance of your income when you remove your tithe.
Everybody pays tithe, It’s either you pay to God or devil, when you pay to the latter it is always more.
Proverbs 21:20
You are not ‘safe’ until you
know how to ‘save’. 10% of your income should be the next thing you remove from your income as SAVINGS after your tithe. You spend after saving and not save after spending.
Saving is God’s wisdom to key into supernatural wealth transfer. God can only bless your savings (storehouse). Deut 28:8
7. INABILITY TO DELAY GRATIFICATION : You must have the ability to say No to some things. You don’t go for everything that comes your way.
Many times we end up purchasing things that we don’t even need in the first place.
8. WASTAGE : Jesus performed a miracle of feeding about 5,000 people from 5 barely loaves and 2 small fish(John 6:12) but He never forgot to tell them to gather the fragments.
You must learn to avoid wastage.
Learn to recycle your waste.
Don’t waste food, if you have left over foods, keep dogs to feed on them.
9. GIVE US THIS DAY “MIND SET”: Those with this mindset don’t prepare for the future. They are always conscious of only today’s needs Matt 6:11.
It is not a sin to prepare for the future it only becomes a problem when we become anxious of the future.
10. SPEAKING AGAINST THE RICH: This is the habit of the POOR. A poor man will always speak against RICH MAN because of his Riches. Always count yourself as a Rich man.