Cristiano Ronaldo may be recognized as the world best player. The 32 years old footballer has proved himself over and over again. He is a spectacular goal scorer, who has scored over 600 goals in his professional senior career. Here are some facts you need to know about this great athlete.

  1. He left school at the age of 14 due to an expulsion.

Ronaldo threw a chair at his teacher, he felt the teacher disrespected him, this led to his expulsion. At this time Ronaldo had decided to go full time in soccer and the expulsion was of no great concern to him.

  1. He was diagnosed of Racing Heart at the age of 15.

Ronaldo’s career which was just about to come to lime light would have been brought to a halt just at the very beginning, you probably won’t have heard of the name Ronaldo today. Fortunately for the young man he was treated though a surgery, he was back on the field in just three days.

  1. Ronaldo’s Career came to lime light at the age of 18

In a friendly match against Manchester United in August 2003, he caught the attention of the then Manchester United Coach, who considered him has the most existing young player he has ever seen. His transfer fee of £12.24 million made him, at the time, the most expensive teenager in English football history.

  1. He Spends his time in the gym;

Even Ferguson attested to the fact that Ronaldo was dedicated to his body fitness. He is known to be obsessed with his training routine. He is one of the fittest athlete in the world and that shows why he the world best, he is so discipline about it.

  1. His freekick’s speed is around 130kmph

Ronaldo has a tremendous shot power on his both legs that could send the ball behind the net with no one noticing from within 30 yards of play if you are not well at alert. He is able to reach these speeds thanks to his fantastic lower body strength, but also a brilliant technique which many players try to emulate.

  1. He has no ink on his body(tattoos)

Unlike many other celebrities and athletes, Ronaldo surprisingly has no ink on his body. The reason for this is because he regularly donates blood. In some countries, you have to wait up to a year after getting a tattoo to give blood, so Ronaldo remains ink free. He also has become a bone marrow donor.

  1. He has is own museum in his honor.

Ronaldo opened his own museum in his hometown of Madeira. The museum contains over 150 of his awards and trophies and extra rooms for more.

  1. He has scored a goal in every minutes of a game over his career

He has proven to be a treat at anytime of the game, as he has scored on every minutes of the game. He has scored over 20 goals in the 90th minute, making him a clutch, prolific and deadly scorer and one of the all time greats.

  1. He paid for a brain operation and treatments for a 10-month old boy:

Ronaldo is a very generous, caring and giving person. He paid £50,000 for the operation, this may be quite affordable for the highest paid footballer. But it was a heartwarming gesture of the star footballer.

  1. He became a father in 2010.

In July 2010, Ronaldo reveals the birth of his son,  though the identity of the mother remain unknown, ever since then he has been behind the camera with is son. He named his son after himself ( Cristiano Ronaldo Jr)