Writing a good and smart cover letter can take you steps ahead even if your resume is weak. A cover letter is a one page document you send with your resume when applying for a job. A cover letter is meant to

. Introduce yourself to the hiring manager

.Argue why you did be in the the best position for the job

. fill in places  your resume can’t describe

.explains aspects of your resume furthermore


. CONTACT INFORMATION; To begin with, include both your  contact information and the employer’s’


-Find out to whom you’re writing. Sentences like ‘to whom it may concern’ is appropriate, the use of dear sir/ma is an old style of writing. Also you can look through the company’s website or linkedlin to search for the hiring manager’s name which can also be used in place of the earlier mentioned one.

– introduce yourself;  in the first paragraph begin by telling the employer the position you’re applying for and how you got to know about the opportunity. The remaining part of the paragraph should briefly give basic information about yourself which includes degree,area of study, career goal in terms of how they align with the company’s goal.

SELL YOURSELF; This second paragraph should respond already to the job description provided by the hiring manager. Describe how previous job experience, skills and ability will enable you meet the needs of the company. In the third paragraph describe how you can fit into the system help move the company forward.

CONCLUSION; The final paragraph should state that you did love to get interviewed. Tell them you will be in contact with them in a week if you don’t get feedback from them. Thank them for taking time to read your letter.

Elements such as font size, style, margin and alignment are all factors your hiring manager will consider to give him an overall impression of you. Below are some guide

. 1-1.5 margin should be used. Don’t make content cramp together

. Don’t go below 12 point as anything below 12points strains the eye

. For font size, try and use the one that matches what the employer used on their website

. Maintain uniform alignment throughout.


70 percent of job are filled through an application system. ATS are designed to read resumes and sieve through keywords to determine your going into the next stage. ATS has a collection of key words from the employer that are expected to appear in your resume.

I advise you learn more on the applicant travelling system ATS to enable you thrive well in this area.