It was indeed an awesome time in Living Faith Church, Bashorun Ibadan, when God’s general, Bishop David Oyedepo stormed the city with few sons and others to celebrate a major player in the Living Faith Church leadership Board, in person of Bishop Thomas Aremu, who clocked 61years last week sunday, the celebration was awesome and it make me feel so blessed and so honored to belong to this glorious family of God.

We have always heard and know, Papa is the is the undertaker of the Divine Mandate, called “LIBERATION MANDATE” and we are the partaker, we give God the praise, check out some of the pictures from that awesome ceremony below;


Pastor Korede Komaiya shared this update and photos on facebook and this is what he as to say about the privilege of moving with God’s servant;


Accompanying My Father in a rare atmosphere of grace and impartation; from Double Diamond Celebration of Bishop & Pastor Mrs. Aremu, I followed My Father, Dr. David Oyedepo from the Church to board his aircraft.

My household and I are blessed to forever be connected to this Apostolic grace. Every moment with him is impartational and today marks another day of a great impartation.

Recap from Papas’ Message today @Bishop Thomas Aremu’s Birthday celebration

Titled: Bearing God’s reproach
Prepare for the tomorrow u want to see by obeying every commandment of God
Mal3:10; Mal3:17; Deut 28:1-2
God has no special favourite, if you obey him and serve him diligently he will decorate your life. Every instruction of the scriptures is for your distinction. Get engage with God spiritually and he will lift you up

See More Photos below;


Our God is good.

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