Our God is powerful and he does great things, as much as it pleases him to show forth his hands among his people and prove his power and supremacy among them, to the end that all the earth may see his hands, testify to his goodness and give him praise and glory.

Praise the name of the lord forever, there was a time in 2014 when the wife of God’s servant (Pastor mrs Faith Oyedepo) was very sick, and there was almost no way out of the predicament but then, the God of winners showed up, that he as promised the commission we will always fight battle and win, we will not lose in battles, he as granted us the victory again!

Joyce Oyedepo (pictured left), her health has been restored.
 Joyce took to her Facebook page to share the good news. Celebrating the end of 2014, she wrote;

“The blessings of this year have been too numerous to mention. A deepened relationship with my God and total Restoration of my mother’s health. I look at her and just smile. She’s so much more beautiful than I remember and what the enemy meant for evil, God added to a testimony book. So blessed.”

Glory to God, our God is good, this is an encouragement to someone reading this, no matter your health condition, the power of God can heal you, the balm in gilead is coming your way today in the mighty name of Jesus!!!