Marriage can be liken to entering school and there are various school running with various certain specific laws; you must understand the law the governs your own school so that you will not be rusticated while you are still studying., some schools might now have issues with their students talking by the walkway, while other school demands for high level of serenity in their own walk way,  this is the same condition in marriage; you see more often than not, many people entered into marriage without having a sense of understanding of what they are entering into, it is not enough to be in love, you must also come to the realization of the fact that marriage comes with certain height of responsibility and task, well, in the future and on this blog, am still gonna write extensively on marriage, but today I just want to address the reasons behind the failure of  most Nollywood celebrities, I have read and seen quite a lot of them, but the one that actually touches me the most is “Tiwa savage” now as much as I wanna make sure this post doesn’t center on her, I also want to make it clear, I was so unhappy for a young cute and successful celebrity like her to drive down the narrow way of failure in her marriage that seemingly looks like its flourishing.

Now someone else might feel like, well its happening already and there is nothing that can be done, I would love to clear the air in the aspect and what am saying is this; celebrities need to understand that quite a lot of people are looking up to not just for what you are into, but also to mimic you in lifestyle, your ways, attitude and lots more, so beyond anybody desiring to come on the spotlight, you must also endeavor to develop a rock-solid character and reputation to support your popularity and fame, we live in a time and generation when celebrities are so indiscipline, they upload all kinds of photos online, leak all kinds of silly videos online and do all of that, this will not help the industry, the nation the community, the people and our reputation.

Successful marriage as now seemingly become a thing of the past or seemingly an impossible thing, it’s on the account of this mass failure in marriage that most celebrities now have baby-mama up and down, some marry them, some don’t marry their baby-mama.

Well, today to help those who are concern and those who care and are flexible enough to listen and learn, I will be sharing few points on why most celebrity marriage crash!

Reasons why Celebrities Marriage Crash!

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  1. Most of them are not ready for marriage: I once listen to Pastor faith oyedepo and she said “Marriage is a spiritual institution that was set up by God, and success in this institution cannot be accomplished by the power of the flesh. More often than not, when they have probably gather in age or experience a little delay, when they get into the next relationship without knowing one another too well, they just want to rush and get married and the guy she met 4months ago who seems to be the best man on earth as started beating the hell out of her in marriage, most of the celebrities are too busy pursuing career, dreams and greatness, even to pick up some books on marriage and get themselves equip with enough light for the journey ahead, they don’t have the time, so the knowledge they ought to have gather that will help and empower them to avert troubles and overcome challenges when it shows up are not there. Absolute preparation is a necessity for success in marriage, it’s a pity how many will put up a lot of expenditure and funds into place just to make the best kind of wedding happen while they live marriage unprepared for. Celebrities need to start seeing themselves as nobody in order to have all round success in life, you must be submissive enough to learn from people who are not celebrities but they have a highly successful marriage life. Don’t just run into marriage bcos of pressure, prepare yourself for it in place of knowledge, counseling, and lots more.
  2. Lack of Understanding : Wisdom Is profitable to direct, therefore get wisdom and in all thy getting, get ‘Understanding” that is what the scripture says, this lifestyle of making the errors of your partner known to the whole world all bcos you are a celebrity will kill your marriage before it starts, there are quite a lot of things that will happen on the way and you just have to swallow them and keep them to yourself, you can’t be posting on instagram deep secret about your new home or about your partner, it’s disgusting, if your partner gets to see them, the action and reaction might not be a conducive one. The things that really destroy and frustrate marriage which eventually leads to divorce are very simple things that people don’t take note, for instance; in the first point above, I made mention of a situation whereby, the lady is the celebrity and all she keep chasing is her career and how to maintain the fame and be the top artiste that everybody all over the world wants to meet, if you get too busy to have time for your partner, your marriage is at stake, issues like not preparing food for your husband when he comes back from work, because you have been buys all day too, issues like not having sex as your partner desire just because you are too tired or because you really don’t like sex so much like he does,issues like you don’t want to hear about his family or see them, whenever they are around, you are so vexed and upset, there is no way that marriage can last!
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Tiwa Savage Cries after marriage crashes

Maybe you are a celebrity or not, one thing ladies should understand is, if you don’t know how to cook, or if you don’t know how to cook well, your marriage will experience turbulent because the way into  a man’s heart is his stomach, humble yourself, forget the fact that you are a celebrity, go and learn to cook good and native dishes of your husband line and tribe so that you can make just anything he wants, when a married man begin to go to hotel and eatery to get best of food recipe, then you can be sure intruder and 3rd party will soon gain his heart and enter your marriage and scatter.

I had to do an extensive research before I begin to write on this topic, and my research proved to me that, most  problems in marriage are faults majorly of the wife, women are always the ones that are not wise enough, not effective enough and not good enough to be a wife, because wife and marriage comes with the highest responsibility, my research proves to show that most female celebrities, ignore their house chores in marriage, pay the house girl to cook for their husband, take care of the journey, they are always travelling frm one country to another, this is not life!

If you want to be a celebrity!! Be one, and if you want to be a wife, be one!!! Now I am not trying to get you confused, you can actually flow up the two together, but you must know that in any situation, your responsibility as a wife should come first and no matter whom you are and anywhere in the world you are; you must protect the integrity of your family.

  1. Irrelevant Comparison with others : This is seen in the life of both the husband and wife, but 80% common among women, all this unnecessary complains and comparison of your own home with others will not make any man stays with you, if you find anything good out there, it is good to imbibe it and bring it into your home, and if you want a change in your husband, you can make them known, in the cool hour of the day, during or after dinner, or after that hot nice sex, you can tell him what you want, these times I just mentioned now, every man is more than attentive to listen to whatever you want to say, but making complains, showing violence or bitterness, or anger all because you saw something in another family and it is not in your own family will not help your marriage, rather it will destroy it.

These are the major errors that cause chaos and un-settlement in the marriage of most celebrities. Ladies have more work to do, and that I why you must be vibrant and well prepare before you proceed to marry him.

If you are not ready to cook always, don’t marry, if you are not humble and submissive yet, don’t marry, bcos every man will love to the last breath a woman that respects him so much, women are to be loved, men are to be respected, you are only a celebrity out there, but in your home, you must be simple and be a nobody, that way you will keep your marriage for life.

I hope new couple and celebrities have learnt so much from this article?
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