Why I Hate ReligionπŸ˜ πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘

I’ve read how Bishop Eddie Long‘s friends abandoned him in his sickness because they believed that God was punishing him. They believed that it was dangerous to support a man whom God is punishing. They argued that a certain Kim had predicted that Eddie Long would die of a strange disease. When I checked who those friends were, I was shocked to learn that they are men of God of Eddie’s calibre. And that’s one thing that breaks my heart about religion – our hypocrisy.

No man currently alive today is better or holier than Eddie Long neither was he better nor holier than anyone of us. We all are a bunch of filthy beings MINUS Grace. No human will survive a minute if God removes the covering of Grace. So it is highly hypocritical to treat a brother like a burden just because of unfounded accusations about him.

A pastor once told me to stay away from a certain lady because she was accused of sleeping with pastors but what that pastor didn’t know was that I had evidence of him cheating on his wife with a member of his choir. I blocked that pastor on Facebook, not because of his moral failure but because of his hypocrisy.

Listen, if you read the bible, you will realise that God hates hypocrites but loves sinners. Not because God condones the sins of sinners but because He loathes the hypocrisy of hypocrites. This is the spirit of religion – hypocrisy.

All hypocrites are religious people who have the form of godliness but denies the power thereof. From such turn away.

Are there people in your life who condemn everyone else but themselves?

They’re hypocrites.

From such turn away.

Are there people in your life who would rather give spiritual excuses why they can’t help someone who needs help? They’re hypocrites. From such turn away.

Are there people in your life who wouldn’t mind hurting fellow humans in defence of their beliefs, creed or faith? They’re religious hypocrites. From such turn away.

Don’t tolerate hypocrisy. Once you pick it up in somebody, quarantine them.

This post is not about the friends who abandoned Bishop Eddie Long, but it’s about us and how we treat people we perceive less spiritual than us. We should be careful not to take the place of God. We aren’t that good.

It’s just grace!
Grace got me this Far!