I want to be sure that by now, we all know Bishop David Oyedepo is not only relevance in terms of Ministry and Spiritual Things alone?

He is the Chancellor of Covenant and Landmark University – Two outstanding Universities in Nigeria with a Global Standard and effective administration, they have produce good number of Graduates who are truly adding value to their society, their generation, the country and the world at Large.

In one of Bishop’s Teaching at Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s Church “Daystar Leadership Conference in 2014“.

He spoke about how Africa as been in terms of knowledge, education and technological development and made mention of some way forward also in that teaching, I will do well to add that sermon at the end of this Write-up.

Now, Bishop emphasized in that Meeting, that Roman’s Scientists and philosophers use to be Students in Cairo Egypt many years ago, because Africa had the best Facilitate and trained hands in the Educational Sector many years ago.

So, there were many folks who use to come down from America to come and study in Cairo Egypt in Africa from America, in those days, because Egypt had the World Power.

I wouldn’t be able to say so much on that, but the emphases i want to lay here is that; Education becomes a major requirement for an ever growing Country, community and nation, anytime we turn our back against Education, we are dying as a Nation unknowingly, because the more graduates and elites we become, the more knowledgeable and civilized we become and the result of this is that, we’d be able to utilize the resources in our society and at our Disposal efficiently.

For instance; many Digital Companies are coming up in the United States today, and they are doing well, earning a lot of profits annually and growing the Economy of their Nation, all these Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Microsoft, Amazon are not owned or run in Africa, they are all discovered by Americans, our skin color is not the limitation, “Knowledge” is the Limited.

I must tell you, All these Technology Company starting up, are making more Money than the Oil Industry can make in one year, I am not saying that we should begin to venture into Starting an Internet or Electronic Businesses or Companies, But I am saying, we must diversify and for us to do that Successfully, we have to be equipped with Knowledge, and that starts from Education, more often than not, we fail to understand that, Certificate is not all there is, to Education, by the time you have the right knowledge, you can start whatsoever you want to, creatively and make a fortune out of it, afterall, the world Richest man today “Bill Gates” is a drop-out from School, but he was intelligent enough to learn coding and major computer programming, which is what facilitates his Exploits in Life, so we can not command exploits until we go for, what Bishop Oyedepo calls “Relevant Knowledge” in our field of Interest and Specialization.

So the moment we embrace Knowledge, we automatically transform our Nation.


Bishop also said in that sermon, that We can not be dependent on God and spiritual knowledge to command physical exploits, we must go and learn and get trained for our various interests and fields of Life, if we must emerge a Giant in that aspect, for instance, You cannot pray in other to become a Pilot, you must go to the Aviation College to learn and be a trained Pilot, that is how it works, So Spirituality combined with illiteracy can be frustrating.

We must have understanding and knowledge even as we stand to walk with God and represent God’s Kingdom on the Earth.

He said, “We can not be reading only Bible, and we would be building and running two Universities successfully”.

We had to read other things to have dominion in that aspect of Life.

He also shared how that, they had to travel to Israel in the cause of Building Landmark with some delegates to learn and master how Agricultural Revolutionary System of Learning can be kickstarted and run successfully.

Trust me, even Minister of Education and great conglomerates, Politicians, Presidents and Leaders in the nation need to listen to this sermon of Bishop David Oyedepo, it is life transforming, you see, in Life, we run and dominate by knowledge, you can hate him, but as long as you don’t know what he knows, you will always be behind him, if you know how much Bishop as invested into Knowledge, Reading Books and all of that, you will understand that, this is not just a Pastor as usual, this is a man driving the revolutionary move that will transform our nation and liberate the people.

I remember when I met Bishop Oyedepo and began to listen to His Sermon, I have been learning from him for over two years, before I joined the Church and became a Full member, What I can say is that, he is not just a mere man, He is a great man, he is indeed a Leader, if you follow him, and learn from him, you will even become greater than he is in Life and Destiny, because the Truth is God, is the one behind his exploits but he as found the keys that makes for  Life of Impact and greatness and since he as been trading that path, it as not seize to speak, its obvious for all eyes to see today.

Even as a Child of God, its from Papa Oyedepo that I learn to Study the word of God, and seek for Revelation through the help of the Holyspirit and not just been filled with head knowledge, but the light (power) behind the word of God.

I also began to learn to read Spiritual Books to boost and edify my Faith consistently, ( at least, i have read a whole lot of Books by Bishop Oyedepo ) and they have always been of immerse advantage both for spiritual, intellectual and physical growth and personal development.

There is a way to walk with God, through Faith and take up responsibility on your own side to see the change you desire in Life and Destiny.

Bishop Oyedepo is indeed  a Blessing to our Generation, we Bless God for the life of his servant and the massive impacts, i am a bonafide beneficiary of the Grace he carries, I can say, since i have been listening to him, I have never lack the understanding and ideas on how to be successful and prosperous, everything I do, prosper, because indeed, he teaches us, the “Ways of God“.

For your advancement in Life, and progress in your walk with God, I strongly recommend that, you attend any of the services at Winners Chapel, or Download/listen to any Sermons and Teachings by Bishop David Oyedepo, i am too confident that, your Life will never remain the same, after an encounter with this Apostle of the Word of Faith.