Bible Reference : Paul the apostle taught, “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:4).

Blessed be the name of the lord our God both from now and forever more, amen!

Brethren, the word of God is ye and amen, it can not fail, it has not fail, the word is powerful!

I must really make it clear that we are in the days and time when spiritual warfare are real, tangible and strong, we can not afford to be vulnerable to the enemy’s vices and devices. that is the reasons why we have the weapons of warfare to fight!

Remember the bible says we should fight the good fight of Faith, So Faith is a fight and the good news in this fight is that the enemy we are on with as actually been defeated long time before now, Jesus won the victory, and that is why he made available to us weapons of spiritual warfare, Its a sole spiritual warfare and that is why we have spiritual weapons to tackle, handle and gain the victory.

So the bible admonish us to “Put on the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil” (Ephesians 6:11).

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What are these weapons?

Well, there are quiet a lot of them, i’d just gonna share in this epistle;

  1. Faith : This is a major weapon of warfare, you must let the word of God come up alive inside of you, it must become life and delighten of your heart, and it must build up your faith in your heart, for Faith come by hearing the word of God – Romans 10 : 17 . and you must also engage the holyspirit to boost your faith, circumstances of life at times can go against your faith and belief system, however you must not lose your Faith, for the bible made it clear that the “Just shall live by Faith – Habakkuk 2:4“.  and its so Powerful that Faith is a facilitator of our Journey as the a believer and the redeemed of the lord on the earth, The bible says, by FAITH the elders obtained good report – Hebrews 11 : 2 . So the whole of our exploits as believers on the earth is at the mercy of our Faith, when i talked about FAITH, I talk in reference to believing the lord for his word and walking with God by his word. There are certain works of the kingdom and exploits that God will communicate to you by his spirit, it will take faith for you to believe them, receive them before they can become a reality.
  2. Prayer : This is a major weapon of war, you  can not joke with Prayer! It is not an option it is a must, prayer is what brigs you continually into the throne room of the father for dominion and  alignment with the agenda of God, as a matter of fact, Prayer is yet another major facilitator of your FAITH, the scripture says. “Ye beloveth, building up your most Holy Faith by praying in the Holyghost – Jude 1 : 20. So Prayer helps you to build up your life, your faith and your level of spiritual command, authority is delivered on he altar of prayer by the release of mantles, unction and the anointing of the holyghost! Another strong weapon of warfare that pulls down stronghold of the enemy is “Prayer”. There are quiet a lot spiritual and angelic reactions that takes place when we are in the mood of prayer. So a prayer addict believe is bound to have more victory over the battles of life. And i would love to emphasize here that i am specifically talking about praying the spirit, which is one of the major ability of the spirit given to us at the upper room, it becomes a reality in your own life the day you have the baptism of the holyghost!
  3. Sword of the Spirit : This is talking about the word of God, the sword of the spirit is used to navigate appropriately in warfare to the end that our targets are not missing and are correctly hit! You must eat the word of God just as you eat your daily diet to stay fit and healthy, the word of God keeps you edify and strong ahead of the days of battle, the word of God is in level, i mean the revelation of the word are in spiritual hierarchy, so you must graduate from the meat dimension to the wine dimension which has the ability to set your soul on fire and send the devil back to hell. You must spend quality time in God’s word, in order to understand, that which is God’s plan and agenda for your life, let me open your eyes to a powerful mystery about the word of God – The bible says  in Hebrews 11 : 3 ” Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear” . So it means, when you have challenges in the “World, you can always get solution in the “Word of God“, it fails not, Praise the name of the lord forever!
  4. Righteousness : I have two special definition for righteousness and that is “Ability to do right and also “Been Right with God“and this two can never be accomplished outside Jesus Christ, You accepting Jesus Christ into your life brings you to a state of been transformed in your mind by the workings of his spirit inside of you, and you become an over comer, remember we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, hallelujah!  You can not confront the enemy and win the victory if you are not walking in righteousness, before you can win warfare, you must have hidden yourself in God!
  5. The Blood of JESUS : This is one of the most powerful weapon at our disposal as a believer, the blood is powerful, every other weapon were made available to us while Jesus was still alive, but in order for us to have the blood, he had to die! His death was what gave us access to the Blood of Jesus, and it is a weapon of warfare that the enemy can not confront, The Blood of Jesus have the ability to cleanse from every sin, guilt and shame, it also have the ability to avert evil, death and oppression of darkness, in every area of our Lives.Praise and Thanksgiving : Victory are not always hinder y the enemy alone, there are times that even the state of our mind are not right with the lord and it can hinder our victory from coming our way, Praise and Thanksgiving is a powerful way of provoking your desire victory and breakthrough in any aspect of life, The bible says –  PSALMS 67:5 – 6.”Let the people praise thee, O God; Let all the people praise thee. Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our God, shall bless us“. So you see, what happen when we are in praises to the living God is that, the earth comes under pressure and that which is our inheritance is been released unto us. So as journey in Life and Godliness, and as you fight a good fight of faith, resisting the devil, let praise be in your mouth always, remember you are to enter his gates with Thanksgiving and his court with Praise, the bible says – Be thankful unto him and give him praise! -Psalm 100 : 1 – 4 . This is not negotiable, its a fact and truth that can not be upgraded nor compromise.  Another powerful reward of been thankful to the lord and living a lifestyle of praise is that, it helps to keep you fresh spiritually, you access Fresh Oil when you are in Praise and Thanksgiving, to understand why we must be thankful, click here to read more.

I know there are quiet a lot of weapon of warfare, but these are just few yet powerful weapons that will engender proofs and victory for any believer, remember spiritual things in this kingdom works by FAITH!

The Lord give you more understanding into his word in Jesus mighty name!