Evangelist Benny Hinn is a man who as proven a high depth of Intimacy and Reference for God publicly in his meetings, and crusades, and he is also he is a man with such a tangible presence of God, his walk with the Holyspirit is evident and real.

And on the strength of what we have seen in his life and ministry, we s a young generation are compel to walk with God better and also come into intimacy with the Holy Spirit in various ways, Fellowship, Prayer, the word of God but essentially and especially via Deep intense Worship.

The Video below show some of the ministration sessions of Benny Hinn ministering in the spirit and worshiping God as he knee down, to worship.


This was taken from a Crusade at Philadephia, God’s majestic Presence filled the whole House.

You can Download Audio here.

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