Me and Fiancee (then girlfriend) were scheduled to travel from Mumbai to JFK (New York) on Emirates.

The trip itinerary was BOM-DUBAI-JFK. Of course, we had booked economy air tickets.

We arrived at Dubai after a 3 hr flight from Mumbai. We cleared security again at Dubai airport and arrived at our departing gate to New York.

Following is the excerpts of the conversation that happened between me and my fiancee at the departing gate.

Me to her: Arey yaar, next flight bahot lamba hai. 14 hours ka flight hai. Deemag short ho jayega 14 hours mein. I hope achcha movies and tv series ho flight mein. (Next flight is a long one. Its a 14 hour flight. We will get bored in the flight. Lets hope that the flight has good movies)

She to me: Sawaal hi nahi. Pak jayenge (Yes ofcourse, we will get bored).

Me to her: You know what, agar business class mil jayega na, toh dhamaal aa jayega(You know what, it will be great fun if we get business class seat)

She to me: Yes, agreed. Chal fir uss Emirates wali ko request karte hai upgrade karne ko. (Lets go and request the Emirates lady to upgrade our seat)

Me to Emirates Lady: You know something, we faced great difficulty when we were coming from JFK to Mumbai about a month ago. Due to snow storms, our flights had to be-rescheduled to some other time. Moreover, I was routed to India on Lufthansa and Fiancee through some other airlines. (this really happened). So, I think its time to show what Emirates is capable of in terms of customer service.

Emirates Lady to us: Would like to have aisle business class seat or windows business class seat?

**We were left stunned at her quick response**

**Now, business class has 4 seats in one row. Two on the windows and two in the middle.

Me to Emirates Lady: We would like to go with the aisle seats (as both the aisle seat were adjacent to each other)

Emirate Lady to us: Here are your boarding passes. You can relax in the Emirates lounge.

**We left for the lounge while while smiling at other fellow passengers**

**While going to the lounge

She to me: Dekh na, log kitna jal rahe hai apne se (People are getting jealous of us :-))

**Next 14 hours were pure bliss. Right from a super awesome food that we could select from the menu to super comfortable seats, we had a great time in the business class of Emirates.

**Basically, the answer is yes. You can get your tickets upgraded to business class. Specially, if you have a special occasion like marriage or honeymoon, you can definitely present a case for your to get an upgraded flight tickets for free.

EDIT1: There are few people who do not agree with what happened with us. As a proof, I tried to find some goodies that we received on our business class flight. But, this happened almost 2.5 years ago, and hence I have only couple of things still left with me from that flight.

I am sure anyone here who is frequent Business class flier in Emirates should recognize this. They gave this bag with toothbrush, toothpaste and bunch of other Bvlgari products. Of course, I don’t have all the items with me. However, I still have the shaving foam bottle that I received in this bag (photo attached below). I have still not used the foam :-

Another Emirates story:

My girlfriend and I were flying from CCU to JFK on Emirates via Dubai. We had booked tickets separately, but had chosen adjacent seats.

During check-in, our bags were overweight, and instead of paying extra weight charges, we decided to dump some stuff.

We left the counter to repack, and when we came back we realized that the lady at the counter had ‘offloaded’ us from the plane, i.e. given our assigned seats to someone else.

Now two adjacent seats were not available anymore, which pissed me off extremely.

I asked to call the manager, and told her it was Emirate’s fault that they gave our assigned seats to other people, and now they should do something to compensate (i.e. business class upgrade ;).

They got us two business class seats. And yes, they were adjacent to each other!