Bishop David Oyedepo

Proverbs 29:18
Where there is no vision, the people perish.

The Church of Christ is ordained for continuous and endless growth.

Matthew 16:18
I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Proverbs 4:18
The path of the just is as the shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

The church is ordained for continuous advancement all through the ages.
John 15:16

It takes prayer to see new converts born into the Kingdom
It takes prayer to see new converts established.

There is also the place of wisdom and knowledge as vital weapons for stability and advancement.
Acts 16:5

God is the great multiplier of the church.
Jeremiah 30:19
Acts 6:4

Without God at work, membership consolidation and multiplication all remain an impossible task.
Psalm 127:1

Jeremiah 30:19-21.

Our 4 Point Approach.

#1. Keep The Revival Fire Burning through Effectual Fervent Prayer.
Without effectual and fervent prayer, no church can sustain supernatural church growth.

#2. Driving Membership Consolidation
Psalm 9:17
We must pray our new converts into Believer’s Foundation Class to have a sure foundation in the adventure of Faith.
The need to attend WOFBI, HolyGhost and Water baptism.
Romans 6:4
Not just to announce it in Church but to bring them into it.

#3. Keep Driving Cell Growth and Replication.
Each cell must replicate minimum twice.
Every 10 cells must become 20 and every 20 must become 40 this year.

God once Multiplied this church 100% in 7 weeks.
Where it is not in place already, we shall introduce ‘local language cells’ As well as training of cell ministers.
A special monthly journal will also be established.

#4. Driving Soul-Winning as a Lifestyle.
Every commandment of scriptures is valid for all times.
Every child of God has a Soul-Winning ministry.
2 Corinthians 5:17-20.
Prayer is every Believer’s ministry.

In 2016 every Winner will be required to work on a minimum of 1 soul per month.
This shall be on individual or partnership basis.
Revelations 22:1-3.
Church based outreaches will be made from time to time as may be signalled.
It is not just engagement that works but diligent engagement. The degree of your diligence matters.
The degree of engagement is as important if not more important.
Your level of engagement determines your returns .

In my 2016 personal Outreaches:
*During Operation By All Means
My team got 1,660 souls saved
With 1,086 brought into church.

*Post Operation by All Means
930 saved, 469 in Church.

*Operation Cause them to Come
3,973 saved, 1717 in Church.

*Operation Possess the Land
4,257 saved, 3,191 in Church

*Operation Bring Many
2,332 saved, 1,253 in Church.

*Operation Go Forward
2,692 saved, 2,470 in Church.

Total souls by my team and I for 2016:
15,844 saved, 10,186 in Church.

Are you committed to this vision?
Throughout this year, you will keep doing well.
Acts 2:47.
We shall go from addition to multiplication to Great Multiplication.

Lord, let this year be a year of great multiplication for this church.

Everything about your life will multiply this year.
God will enlarge the coasts of your career.
This year you will know no sickness.
Every oppression of the devil is over in your life.
This year is declared your year of consolidation and multiplication.
So shall it be.

In Jesus precious name.