The Life after School

There is no student who did not desire a good life after school, but most of them don’t plan and prepare to see the reality of the desired good life after school.

The mindset of average Nigeria students while in universities/polytechnics or other higher institution is that, immediately after graduated school, they will go for their 1 year NYSC and after that, proceed to labour market to secure a very good job, or a lucrative job in line with their area of discipline, most especially students who think they are studying a very good course.

This assumption is more of fallacy than truth, base on the limited availability of the employment opportunities in Nigeria labour market.


Though entrepreneurship courses has been introduced into our higher educational system, yet vast majority of graduate have not been able to overcome the greatest challenges facing graduates in Nigeria called “unemployment”

As a matter of fact, we all know in this country that, life is not very easy for common citizen, ‘who get what is determine by who you know’ even to get admission into higher institution is not easy, not to talk of getting a good job. Meanwhile, you can still make it without knowing any politician or anybody big if you know what you can do because the population of this country has make it to be a very good place for business.

Either you are an undergraduate or a graduate reading this I want you to start facing the reality of life and the country you belong, start something that will enable you to enjoy life after school on your own today, because there many graduates in Nigeria and the government is not ready to create job for you.

One of the happenings in the country now is that after students graduated from school, done with NYSC they will starts looking for jobs after a while if they could not found any job, then the next thing is they will go and learn handy work like; hairdressing, tailoring, barbering, e.t.c, I don’t say it is not good, but don’t wait for your time to be wasted after school.

While some students are already in control of their finances as a student sponsoring themselves, majority of students who have sponsors helping them to finance their education and provides for their basic needs must know this, that parent, uncle, auntie and whoever is responsible for your finances now, will no longer be there for you again after school, that is why you need to start planning for your life after school.

Most of the ex-youth corpers in Nigeria are now saying they wish to continue after the one year if the law permitted them because they have nothing to do after NYSC and their life during service year is far better than life after NYSC.

This article will help you to know what you should do and assist you to plan and enjoy a better life after school.

These are some of the things you must know:

Know yourself

Awareness of oneself is a very important key in choosing life career, an individual must understand himself to know what he’s capable of doing. You must understand your uniqueness, potentials, abilities, aptitudes, area of interest and other important aspect before you know what you are capable of doing.

Visualize what you wish to do

You need to have vision, what I mean by vision is the ability to think about what you want to do and have a mental picture of it. You need to see the reality of what you can do in your mind before you begin to take steps towards it. Begin to see the vision for a business or vocation you will do from now and after school.

Explore what you want to do

You need to observe what you have intended to do, make inquiry, do the necessary research that is needed to be done before you venture into any new thing. For example, you can go and meet people who are doing the kind of business you wish to do or the vocation you desire to do, learn from them to prepare yourself.

Know what you need

You need information about all the necessities for the needed things to be in place so that you will not be doing your business or vocation in ignorance. Ensure you are knowledgeable enough before venture into anything.

Attend seminars and workshop

No matter what you think you have known in any field, some people have a better knowledge about it than yourself. More so, you need updated knowledge, seek for more knowledge, develop your capacity by listening and gathering with people who have gone ahead in the area of career or business.

Believe in God

You need divine help to succeed in your career, God is the creator of man and I believe man is not created by chance or mistake. Man is deliberately created by God for a purpose and destiny, which means for a man to fulfill His divine destiny, God must be involve in it. Commit your intentions and doing to God in prayer.

Believe in yourself

No matter what you want to do in life, you must believe you can do it. Whatever you believe, you have the ability to achieve it, trust yourself and trust your ability, never doubt yourself and your ability and don’t see yourself as someone who is likely to fail, even at first if you don’t get the desired result you are expecting, don’t lose confidence in yourself, keep on going, don’t give up, you shall succeed at the end of the day. Though at times when you are starting something new, you may experience challenges, it is not a sign of failure, rather is a way of preparing you to know more about the things you are doing.

Set your goal

If you want to do anything of great importance a target must be set, one thing about so many people is that, they will just start something without setting a goal, and at the end of the day they won’t know what to expect and what they have achieve. Your target can be weekly, monthly, quarterly.

Get into action

Everything we have said cannot yield any positive result if not followed by action. Even the greatest idea and innovation are worthless unless followed by action. So therefore, get into action, all the knowledge you have acquired and the ones you will still acquire will only profit you when you get down to work.

Stay focus

Focus is a vital key to the accomplishment of every good success. Be focus to your course, be committed and persistent. You can become the next latest celebrity, richest man in Nigeria and Africa.

It is never too late for you, either you are a student or a graduate; you can start having dream today. Stop wasting your time on unprofitable activities and unrealistic expectation (watching long season movies, watching football or T.V all day, lifetime is going, quit unnecessary adventures). Start something that can make you to fulfill your dream and enjoy your life after school today.