Education is the key to success, education is paramount; education brings civility and distinguishes people in the society.

The level of education one attains makes one well oriented and respected in the society. One of the best gifts parents can give their wards is a laudable and lofty education. Education brightens one’s life and takes one to top places in the society.

University education is a dreamland of every potential students; the primary and secondary education do not really affirm one’s level of education, though, they are prerequisites but university education determines how one’s life and one’s impact and state in the society.

One’s career begins as a result of university education.

Parents do crave for a standard education for their wards; some buoyant parents send their wards abroad to study in top notch university. The united state of America is a great citadel of learning; the level of education in the US is standard and very competitive, certificate from any university in the US outweighs other certificates irrespective of the university or the country.

Though, very expensive but studying in the US is a promising investment, the returns are always overarching. There are several universities in the US; some are ranked over others considering several features like: the environment, the school reputation and products, courses offered and many more.

Here are top universities in the US; certificates from any of these universities are treated like white camel.

They would be respected and lauded when presented in any part of the world.

  • California Institute of Technology (CALTECH): CALTECH is a standard institution, with good numbers of successful graduates who are hot prospects in their area of specialization. As part of what feathers CALTECH’s nest, CALTECH has 34 Nobel prize winners, 6 Turing award winners, 5 field medalists and copious number of national awards. These achievements attest to the standard of the institution. Grounded in 124 acres of land; the school has 6 faculties with more focus on science and engineering. The university offers the best physical science program in the world. Graduates from this university hold top positions in different organizations; particularly in positions that deals with science, technology and energy.
  • Stanford University: Popularly called the farm, Stanford university was built on Stanford family’s Palo alto stock farm covering 8,180 acres but more than half of the farm is yet to be developed. Stanford university is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, covered with an alluring sand covered and red roofed building. It contains numerous sculpture gardens and art museums with faculty buildings and public meditation centers. This university is one of the best in the US, her alumni are founders of top technology companies like Google, Snapchat etc.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Aside from excellent and standard career lessons, MIT imbibe entrepreneurial spirit in the students. Undergraduate programs in the university is very selective, the school admits just 8% of applicants. Engineering and computer science are the most offered courses in the university. The university is made the list of the top 5 list in the Engineering and technology, physical sciences, social sciences and arts and humanities. Notable alumni are: astronaut Buzz Aldrin, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and physicist Richard Feynman. Graduates from this university are vast in science, politics, economics, business and media.
  • Harvard University

Founded in 1636, Harvard university is the oldest higher education institution in the US. Harvard university Library system comprises 79 different libraries, thus, regarded as the largest academic library in the world. Harvard university alumni are notable and well respected personalities in the world.

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Eight US presidents acquired their degree at Harvard university, about 150 Nobel prize winners, 13 Turing Award winners and 62 living billionaires. Though, the university is very expensive but the quality and prestige of the certificate acquired from the school compliments the fee.

  • Princeton university

Princeton university is another prestigious university with very stunning and alluring environment. Degree courses in this university have stringent requirements. All degree students are mandated to carry out independent research as part of their degrees. Like other universities above, the school is very competitive and expensive but the reputation, standard of education and caliber of alumni of the school compliment the price. Notable alumni of this university are: US presidents, astronauts, businessmen, Olympians and countless award-winners.

Physicist Richard Feynman enrolled as a graduate student, so also mathematicians: John Nash and Alan Turing.

Education is the best investment; investing in quality and standard education pays throughout one’s life.