One of the potentials Nigeria is known for all over the world is Huge Population, which as seemingly brought about an excellent economy and Market/Business Activities, since the volume of people living in this part of the world is numerous, needs and wants are high too, and economic development, socio-community growth and technology as called for massive economic activities, opportunities, Businesses and Trades going on daily in Nigeria.

Nigeria is known to be one of the countries in Africa with the best Market and economy, and even with the recession that came on the scene recently, Nigeria still remains outstanding in its Business Growth and financial capacity potentials.

If you are a Nigerian or you are living in Nigeria, one of the best thing to do in this country, is to engage in Business Activities and Investment that can meet the needs of the people, you are bound to make your profit, very sure!

So if you are willing, i will am also ready to help you realize where the real profit lies in Business, in NIGERIA.

Today, I’d be taking you step by step on the Most Profitable Business Ventures in Nigeria today, that you can invest your money into and you’d be glad you started.

Business grows where the population of people is high, because there is a huge and ready market for whatever you are selling, and Nigeria been a Consumer Nation, you can produce many things and sell them to a vast audience of people in this Country.

Profitable Business Ventures in Nigeria;

1. Agriculture : Agriculture as been a Business of Life right from on set and till now, it is still one of the most relevant Business in any nation of the world today, Nigeria inclusive, there are a lot of potential Business Ventures in the Agricultural sector that you can venture into and make good income, With the vast population of people living in Nigeria, there is no way, you will not earn a lot of profits from Farming and Agricultural Business;

Potential Profitable Ventures in Agricultural Industry;

1 Pig Farming : Pig FARMING is one of the most lucrative Business ventures in Nigeria, the rate at which, Nigerians consume Pig is amazing, Pigs on its own side been a monogastric animal feeds on a lot of things, making it easy for farmers to come by their feeds, its cheap and more affordable than poultry feeds, pigs grows well and adapts to various weather condition, Also Pigs Gestation period is very short (3months, 3weeks and 3days), and they are highly prolific, they produce a lot of piglets, 15 and above, Pig is very cheap and affordable to start, click here to learn details on Pig Farming Business in Nigeria.

Pork Meat is tender and more palatable than beef, and many people prefer Pork meat.

2 Poultry Farming : Poultry Business is a Goldmine in Nigeria, I am counting numbers of years in this venture already and what i can say is, it’s a good Business with a good ready market availability, as a matter of fact, the market and demand for poultry products, is far beyond the current supply, so it’s a venture that can never be saturated.


Poultry Business solely produces Meat (Chicken) and Egg, We have various breeds for the meat production, but Broilers is the most popular one, while Layers are the egg producers, in my Farm, we produce over 20 Crates per day, yet the demand is so outrageous.  That’s a lot of more profits in Poultry Business, but if you really want to do well in this industry, then start with knowledge, go and learn about it first and start with a good money, Poultry is capital intensive, the place of buying animal feeds, and feeding, housing, the birds, their water and feeding trough, the housing system, whether battery cage for layers or deep litter for Broilers and co, there is a lot to spend on, but if you are into egg, immediately the birds starts laying, you will be reaping the reward of your investment.

If you are a working class, a banker or so, you can employ workers to monitor the smooth running of your Poultry Farm Business, it is of a necessity that you have an extra income source apart from your job and salary, that is how to build wealth through entrepreneurship and Agricultural Business.

Feeds and Feeding is the major aspect of poultry business, which goes a long way to determine how profitable the business will be, and how productive the birds will be too, click here to learn how to start Poultry Business in Nigeria.

3 Grasscutter Farming : Have you heard about Grasscutter Farming Business? Do you know its a viable and profitable Business Venture in Nigeria?

Grasscutter is actually a kind of Bush meat, but with scientific knowledge, we started the domestication of grasscutter, just like rabbit and other hopping small body animals, but the significant thing about Grasscutter is the palatability and uniqueness in taste, a lot of Nigerians love Bush Meat, so Grasscutter makes his possible for them, and big restaurants, eateries and hotels now make grasscutter delicacy, thereby increasing the demand for live grasscutter, grasscutter are simple to rear just like rabbit, though a little more bigger than rabbit and the body is more complex than Rabbit, but they are easy and affordable, they eat almost everything edible to man and livestock.

Starting up a Grasscutter Farm, is very cheap, easily and you can master all that it entails within a short period of time, click here to Learn How to Start Grasscutter Farming Business in Nigeria.

4 Fish Farming : At least, If you are a Nigerian and you remember how much we crave for Catfish Pepper soup in this part of the world, you will agree with me, that there is a huge and stable market for Fish Farming Business in Nigeria. I can say, Nigerians eat Fish more than any thing, Fish is an animal protein, which makes it a major part of Diet, Catfish, Tilapia, and few others are the major varieties that are been cultivated in Nigeria.

There are many products gotten from fish, apart from the edible fish itself, and many consider fish a perfect alternative to meat.

Fish Farming as to do with the cultivation of Fish in artificial water bodies, apart from their natural habitat, Fish Farming is very profitable, and under a proper management, the risk is low, from experience, I have realized that Natural Pond (not concrete pond) delivers the best result in Fish Farming Business, most spending are on Feeding, you have to either buy the fish feed, or formulate a good diet and manufacture/process the feed yourself.

With the high demand for Fish Pepper Soup, fish bread, Fish Barbecue and more, Big Restaurants, Eateries and Hotels now buy fish in Large quantities from farmers. For instance, in Lagos right now, there is no amount of fish you want to sell, that people will not buy from you. With good planning, quality knowledge and Capital, Fish Farming Business is a boom, click here to learn how to start Fish Farming in Nigeria.

5 Snail Farming : To me, this is the cheapest Business venture you can start in Nigeria and almost spend nothing, Snails are easily found around the bush during rainy season in some part of Nigeria, like Lagos, Ibadan, Osun, Ife, Ogun state and other places where the vegetation is still good enough, they come out in good number when the weather is cool and they are freely found around the bush, so market women pick them up for sales to private bodies and whosoever wants to buy, but with snail farming, you can buy big snails for breeding and they will lay eggs and hatch many more snails, thereby increasing your farm drastically without spending a dime, they eat almost everything edible, except for salt content food, as salt content food. As salt can easily kill snails.

They also feed on vegetables and leafs that can easily find around you, Snail Farming is very lucrative, as Sail Meat is a white meat and, more healthy then other kind of meat, Snails are sold in good prices even though rearing them cost almost nothing, you can learn how to start snail farming here.

Rice Farming, Cocoa plantation, Cassava, Maize, Yam, Vegetable Farming, Garri processing and Production, Livestock Feed production, Plantain Farming, all these are very viable Business Ventures in the Agric Industry. There a number of things you should know, if you really want to succeed in Agric Business Ventures, click here to find out what you need to know to start Agricultural Business in Nigeria.

2. Internet Business : In a short while, Nigeria as grew greatly in Web and Technology resources, thereby making it a useful tool for growth and development of the nation even in terms of Business, Education, Economy, finance and employment.

One of the fast growing Business Venture in Nigeria today is the Internet Business venture, a lot of Online enterprise and start-ups are coming out daily and they are doing excellently well, I am privilege to be one of the Nigerians that feeds and live by running Business Online.

There are so many opportunities Online today in Nigeria, I will not be able to talk about them all, because they are numerous, but i will just emphasis on the most prominent and fast growing ones;

Lucrative Internet Business Ideas in Nigeria;

1 eCommerce : This is a trending Business Online in Nigeria right now just like we have eBay, Amazon and other platforms abroad, so also Konga, Jumia, Kamyu and the likes are dominating in Nigeria, however the beautiful thing about this Business is that, it can never be dominated, you have millions of Online Users already, that are ready to pay good money to buy your product, you just need to deploy strategic Internet Marketing Technology to convert them into Customers and Buyers, This Business is very easy start, as you can start small, you can either manufacture a product ( for instance, beads, hand bags, shoes, and the likes) and list them for Sales on your website, which should be design in such a way that, enables people to make purchase right there, while their goods are been delivered to them in their various preferred location.

You can also start Big, by creating a store house, for goods, import them from abroad or build a network and database of sellers, and buyers to connect on your eCommerce platform while, they strike their deal and you have your own percentage per sales.

With platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and co, meeting your buyers is just as simple as drinking a cup of coffee. Let me tell you one truth, Nigerians loves to shop and buy goods online, the price not withstanding, they are more than ready to buy as long as you are reputable and reliable, with good money as Capital and quality knowledge, ecommerce Business is a Boom!

2 Web Design and Development : Business owners and start ups are beginning to realize the potential that as Internet as to offer their Businesses and thereby, there is a growth in the number of Website and Web platforms that are utilized for commercial purposes, Banks and co, just name it, they all use the internet to fast track their businesses, Companies now develop applications  and software to creating a better user experience, all these services are not from heaven Big companies had to employ web specialists and developers to make them available.

I remember 4-years ago, when i decided to learn Web Design, it was not too easy for me, as i had to learn and master coding and computer languages, but now, getting website jobs from clients and cooperate bodies makes my labour a worth-while one, so you can also go and learn the skill and know how to build applications and website, and you will be consulted by Big Brands, there are some websites that we build and we charge not less than 600,000 and above, and people are willing and ready to pay as long as you assure them of an excellent service.

With the way Technology is changing our world, if you have interest in web and Online coding stuffs, then, you might need to go the professional way (not talking about a school) but a good tech hub to learn and equip yourself in the area of web skills.

3 Freelancing : Americans are the father of Working Online, I believe we are just waking up to the idealogy in Nigeria, they are there already, Platforms like, and co, are good place to register and list your Job or skills, for sales, you will be reached by interested Buyers and clients who are ready to pay Dollars for what you know how to do, I have guys who solely live on Freelance Services Online. I have friends in LAGOS and some other parts of Nigeria that presently earn a living working Online, by offering Freelance services, which includes Graphics design, web design, Article Writing, CV Writing, Web and App Development, Voicing, Proofreading, Social Media Marketing services and lots more, and they earn more than $5,000 per month, this is a good income from the web, just waking up to do some few jobs up there Online.

You can even go as far as creating a website around what you do, and help your clients reach you better and faster via your website, many writers in America have their own website and Blog, where they come by with potential Clients and secure Jobs daily.

4 Blogging : Even though, it seems almost every Nigerian Users now have a Blog, not everyone of them is getting the Blogging Ideology right, that is why folks, like, Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, Notjusok, Ynaija and co are very few, but you can also take some times to learn the act of Blogging and kick start something from there.

I have been blogging for the past 6years now and its been an awesome experience, there is a lot of money you can make from this venture,but i must also emphasis the fact that, Blogging is not for the Lazy folks, if you can not sit down and write original articles, (like am doing right now) then don’t bother yourself going into Blogging, because the Truth is, Blogging is work!

I mean Real work, but it as ability to earn you a lot of profits, Linda Ikeji as been earning Millions from her Blog, while the URL was still a sub-domain ( How much more now, that you can get a domain for as low as $1 and have your website running, Blogging as to do with regular updating of a website with fresh content to the end that, those content ranks on search engine and accessed by potential audience who are interested in what the content is all about.

You can create a free Blog at and i can set up a Professional WordPress Blog with Hosting at a Fee, drop a comment below, if you wish.

Google Adsense is one of the major ways, most Bloggers monetize their Blog site and TRAFFIC, but there are various ways by which you can earn money Blogging actually, but its the most prominent and stress way. One of this days, I will teach Blogging in Details on this Blog.

3. Car Wash : Nigeria is becoming Industrious and since majority of Business owners and even workers in various industries now need to transport themselves to Work daily, there is a lot of Cars in this Country, so if you are running a Professional Car Wash Business, you are going to be earning on a daily basis, considering place like Lagos, Ibadan, Port-harcourt, Abuja and some other Car crowded regions in Nigeria.

You will make a lot of profits, another thing you must consider in order to succeed in this business, is Location, you must situate your Car wash center in a place where it can easily be seen by all, so that you can enjoy massive patronage.

4. Oil and Gas : This is where our money is, in this Nation (Funny but True), if we talk about Lucrative Business Venture in Nigeria and we didn’t talk about the Oil and Gas Industry, then we are just joking here. Even Africa Richest Man (Aliko Dangote) is building the second Largest Oil refinery in Lagos, the beautiful thing is that, our Land in Nigeria has great deposit or Oil and Gas, making it a natural mining Business, and with Industrialization, science and technology, extracting Oil and processing them industrially as become a lot more easy in Nigeria, with the volume of Car owners and engines/machines and appliances that utilizes Oil and Gas, you have a lot  of Profits to derive from this Venture.

5. Hotels and Estate Business : This Business is not for everywhere, it only blossom in major cities in Nigeria, like Lagos, Port-harcourt, Abuja, Lokoja, Kaduna, and others. But this Business is a good profitable venture. If you spend 100million on Hotel and Estate Business, with proper management, you are going to make more than triple of what you spend under one year, with the influx of people inside and outside of Nigeria, Hotel Business is growing, with our partnership with many foreign Nations, there is a major need for quality Hotel (5-Star Hotel).

To make Profit in This Business, you must be ready to spend good money and also equip with quality Knowledge on how to run Hotel professional, it is one of the major Goldmine ventures in Nigeria today.

6. Building and Construction Works : Nigerians loves to build, they build a lot, just name it, Nigerians builds it! Maybe Church, Houses, Business, Companies, Shop, Supermarket, Schools, and even many more. A lot of Construction works are going on daily in Nigeria, because the NATION is fast developing and Industrialization is becoming rampant, so if you supply Building Materials, or you specialize on receiving contracts in terms building and construction works, you are in a potential industry. There is a lot of money been made daily here, even Africa Richest man, sells Cements more than any other product in Nigeria, you can consider this Business venture and make a lot of profits from it.

7. Food Business : No matter what attack comes on the economy of a Nation, Food Business can never go down, because right before people start thinking of what to wear and all that, they will consider “What to eat” first. So Food Business is a good and ever green venture, I remember when we started our restaurants, we can use one bag of Rice to earn money that will buy 3 Bags of Rice.

Nigerians are many, its a nation with high Population, so the patronage for Food is Outrageous, All you need to do, is learn how the Business works, master the industry, get a good open outlet for your Restaurant, and employ good cook, that can prepare various Nigerian Delicacy, you will make a lot of sales, ensure it is situated, where the population of people is high, like a school/work environment, so that Patronage will be high.

I personally, believe “Food and Agriculture Industry” are one of the most lucrative industry in Nigeria, the two of them goes together, there is a lot of money to be made here.

Even we have some foreigners who come into Nigeria to start a Modern Eatery and Restaurant Business here and they make a lot of money, Nigerians need to wise up!

With Great Taste and variety of Food Delicacy, you can make more than #500,000 daily as a standard commercial Restaurant in Nigeria, there are countless eateries and Restaurants in Lagos today, because of the population and all of them are making good money daily, this Industry can not be congested, so you can start your own Restaurant today and make good money too.

I essentially take my time out to write this article, hoping that most Nigerian Youths will read it and be inspired to get started with something, instead of waiting and looking forward to the non-existing white-collar Job.

Life is not powered by certificate, you are never limited, your knowledge is what creates the kind of world you live in, and when you are able to see opportunities, where others are toiling, then, you are bound to stand out among the crowd.

I pray God grant you wisdom and Grace to maximize your God given potentials and skills, over the years, living in Nigeria as help me to realize and understand the fact that, Nigeria is one of the best part of the world, where you can live and situate your Business, for maximum profit and security.


Author: Akanni Tolu Matthew, is the CEO of Matex Farms Holding, and he’s passionate about Business and Entrepreneurship, and he’s driving a revolutionary transformation in the Business Industry.