Praise The Lord, Our God is faithful, i Once walked into a minister of God one day and he told me something, he said we’re in a season of rediscovery, i kinda agree with him, many years ago while I was in CAC, Those times pastors and ministers of God are nothing to write home about, they are broke, poor, some kind of spiritual strong but hungry men.

However today the story is changing because of rediscovery and encounter with light and understanding; i am not one of those folks with a crippled understanding that pastors shouldn’t rich, No!

The scripture as proclaim any man called by God as “Blessed”.

While others are busy asking and wondering how come God is blessing those that are representing him and standing on his holy altars in church and big cathedral around the world, as a man of understanding, am not surprise because the bible says – ” Wealth and riches are mine, durable richest and righteousness – Prov 8 : 18;

 It also says ” Thou shall remember the lord thy God for it is he that giveth thee, power to get wealth – Deut 8:18″.

So you can see that wealth and prosperity are not just in-heritage that God as put in palce for us as a generation of the “sons of God” but as part of the life of God that he is ready to communicate to us, as long as we believe.

Something special about our right in Christ, in the kingdom of God and as a christian is that; the extend to which you can see will determine the extend of your delivery and height.

If you believe GOD is more than able to make you a billionaire in your life time, then the only thing I will take you is to get ready to receive, since you now have faith, then you just need to start building capacity in that line, by working towards it, making bold positive declaration in that direction will deliver it into your hand, with prayer and supplication.

So Today in Nigeria, some men have gained a rich access to Light through the word of GOD and they are trading by that light today and it as not cease to speak in their life, so I will be giving you; List of Richest Pastors in Nigeria and Their Net Worth; Stay tune and read on.

1. Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo : Everybody in Nigeria, both unbelievers and Christians know this name, God as bestow so much honor on his life and ministry and it is practical seen all over the world today, Bishop David Oyedepo is the man God called to Liberate the world from every oppression of the devil by the preaching of the word of Faith’ and that was what gave birth to the “Liberation Mandate” which Living Faith Church worldwide “Winners Chapel” is an extension of the mandate.

Assets : Living Faith Church, Faith Academy, Dominion Book Publishing, Covenant University, Landmark University, Kingdom Heritage group of Schools, Canaanland Otta Ogun state.

Bishop Oyedepo is Believed to be Net Worth – $150 Million.

2. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome : This is yet another great man of God in Nigeria 

 he happens to be one of the successor of Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory, he’s the founder of Believers’ Love World Ministries, 

Assets : Christ Embassy, Real Estate, Record Label, Rhapsody of Reality, News papers, Hotels, Love world T.V Network.

Pastor chris is believed to be Net Worth $55 to 60$ million.

3. Prophet Temitope Joshua (T.B Joshua) : He’s the founder of Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN),

Asset : Synagogue church, Emmanuel T.V, Charity funds.

He’s considered to be Net Worth $20 Million.

4. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo : He’s the founder of Kings Way International Church (KICC), He’s also one of the biggest Rice Farmer in Nigeria today.

Asset : Farming, KICC, Matthew Ashimolowo Media.

He’s Considered to be Worth $10Million .

5. Pastor Chris Okotie : This is the founder of Household of God Church he’s worth $8Million.

6. Pastor E.A Adeboye : He’s the great and most honorable man of God in Africa, he’s the man that took over the leadership of Redeem christian church of God after the founder “Pa Josiah Akindayomi”, He’s worth $5Million and his assets includes, Redemption camp, Redeemer’s University.

7. Pastor Gbenga Oso : He’s the founder of laughter Foundation Church, he’s net worth around $500,000 to $700,000.

8. Bishop Mike Okwonko : He’s the founder of The Redeem Evangelical Mission, he’s considered to be net worth $500,000

9. Pastor Lazarus Mouka : The Lord’s Chose Charismatic Ministry, He’s net worth $450,000.

10. Bishop Ayodele Oritsejafor : He’s the founder of word of Life, Bible Church, he’s considered to be net worth – $ 250,000 to $300,000.

 Glory to God, we bless him for the life of this great men of honor and faith, Bishop Oyedepo is doubtlessly the richest pastor in Nigeria and in the world, God is faithful.

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