This list is a collection of football’s top ten Christian footballers in recent times. The parameters for selection are based on a combination of success in the footballing world and a level of commitment to the Christian faith. Not all successful Christian footballers are listed here, and not all committed Christian footballers are listed here as well.

  1. KAKA—- Kaka is a Professional soccer player born Ricardo izecson dos Santos leite on April 22. 1982 in Brasilia, the captain of city of Brazil. Saying kaka is a religious Christian would be an understatement because this Player’s total life revolves around God and he is never shy to show it off at every chance he gets, he is always seen raising up his hands to God in adoration after a goal scored or at every point his team wins a match. He never forgets to ascribe the glory to God despite being the most paid Christian player in the whole universe-that is worth emulating. KAKA’s first encounter with God happened after a near-paralyzing swimming pool mishap, he gave his life to Christ and after a full recovery from the pool accident which can only be God.


Kaka met his wife Caroline calico in the year 2002 in their native country-brazil, despite the 6-years age gap they married after a 3 years courtship and it was surprising to know that unlike other athletes who would have messed up themselves with ladies-Kaka and wife were virgins till their wedding night.

Kaka told Vanity Fair that “The bible teaches that true love waits until marriage. If our life today is so beautiful it’s because we waited” KAKA has hit the pinnacle of success as a footballer, winning almost every major awards with both his club and country and he has even won the highest individual award. He indeed is a shining example of how a Christian should be.


  1. David luiz— David luiz is 28 years old Brazil Football player who started his football career as far back as 1984. He is a popular football legend and a star in the world of football, he is an ex-chelsea football club defender, david luiz plays for the French club PARIS SAINT-GERMAN and serves as vice-captain of the Brazil international football team. He was baptized into Hillsong church in his teammate’s church Maxwell in an in-door swimming pool. He recently vowed on his to ABSTAIN FROM SEX until he’s married in an Instagram post lastweek which was accompanied by his baptism post.

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He also included a verse from 1 corinthians in his post “Therefore if anyman be in Christ he is a new cs passed away behold, all things are new” he the added “How wonderful to live with you lord, thank you for loving me so much and taking care of me. My life is yours, I am your servant, I love God”. This is a new development and we pray with Luiz that his new intimacy with God never breaks amen.


  1. CHRISTIANO RONALDO — C.Ronaldo as he is often called is a 31 year old player, Ronaldo is currently worth over $230M with a net salary of $56M and he has over $32M endorsement deal. Ronaldo has won the best footballer award severally. C.Ronaldo at times considers himself a highly religious person with popular saying such as “ u collect crucifix necklaces – because of my relationship with God. I always believed that my gift was given to e by God regardless of how skillful I am”. Some people speculates that christiano Ronaldo has some form of brazillian birth-This is far from the truth he was born in Portugal player.

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Ronaldo often said “I am religious in my own way not as many would expect cos I am not as religious like Kaka for example…..” This shows that his religious life is quite personal to him not the generally acceptable kinda lifestyle.


  1. Daniel Sturridge —– Daniel sturridge is a 25 year old England player, he is also a Liverpool striker. His net salary is over $157M. Daniel has revealed his biggest success secret which he says is reading the bible every morning. The love for the bible came from his parent, who he claims planted in him in the bible. He said Reading the bible was the most important thing to do for him he considers his as part of his daily routine.

When Daniel reached a half-century of top flight goals at The beginning of February, the striker tweeted……… ‘Thanks to God for allowing me to score 50 prem goals”And after winning a Barclays player of the month award baCk in September he said “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”


  1. RONALDO – FORWARD ( BRAZIL ) * retired*

Ronaldo was born in Brazil and dropped out of school at a very tender age to pursue a career in soccer. He went pro while he was still a teenager, initially signed to the Brazil national team but he has been playing for several European 1998 world cup, injury sidelined him and he had no appearance. He then returned after getting better to the winning team-Brazil for the 2002 world cup in Brazil.

Ronaldo was the phenomenon and was named the FIFA player of the year 3 times.

Ronaldo is currently rated amongst the best footballers of all times, he is considered a living legend in the history of football in the world he is categorized as one century football stars with the likes of Pele, Zico, Maradona and De-stefano. He was previously married to a Brazilian soccer player and he is blessed with 4 children. His current net worth is $150M.



ROONEY is an English football player, and a Catholic, and appears quite religious. In the year 2002 he was seen wearing a rosary around his neck during practice and he was questioned by a reporter that what is it for-he replied – it’s my religion……” The reporter stopped him saying WE DON’T DO RELIGION here”. Luckily rooney was an astute defender of the gospel he replied saying “……….. right from my teenage I pray to God to win football games, now that I am an adult, I take my faith even more seriously…”.

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Rooney also said “…………..I pray to God, of course, I believe in God…. I don’t pray to help me score goals, I pray for the gealth of me and everyone on the pitch. It is something I have always done, night and day, I pray for my family and friends and that of everyone I love.

Rooney has as twice as many followers of the Pope francis yet he is under scrutiny for any mistake or over-stretched jokes made online because he is seen as a religious person not just an athlete.


  1. NEYMAR – Brazil.

Neymar is not seen as one of the most religious of footballers but he does a lot of professing for someone who isn’t religious. When asked which European soccer club  he desires to play for, he said “……..I do not have any preferences – The decision belongs to my God.

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Neymar has been seen severally with underwear and headbands with inscriptions pointing to Christ as the secret of his so many successes as a football player. He is known for his mouthed disapproval for institutions of the world who does not like the catholic beliefs. He once said “……….i am no angel, but I respect all religions. But this is not the case with many people in Scotland.  Scotland has problems because the rangers fan hates anything catholic, Rangers refused to play catholic players for many years and they were fined by UEFA for racist chants. There is no place for racism in football.

This can only be envisaged by a religious man who is not shy of this religion or his belief. He is popularly known for his Head band inscription 100 % JESUS.



Thiago silver is a brazillian football player he started playing in the big leagues in Europe. He lives in Paris and plays for the French champions,
Paris Saint Germaine. In addition to his great skills as a defensive back, Thiago is a commited Christian who is always seen praying before and after football matches and when seen praying its evident in the success of the matches.

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Though born desperately poor he lived near a dangerous shantytown in the city of Rio de Jameiro, he was able to overcome these hardships and achieve great success in the eyes of the whole world. He is a professional soccer player, he has won many prizes in the history of world’s soccer he has also been named as one of the top players in Europe for three consecutive times. This lifestyle of his shows he is committed to his career and dependent on God for heavy support.



Hernandez is a 24 year old Mexican soccer player who plays in the English premier league he recently netted 20 times and with this – the Red devils picked up the 2010/2011 premier league title.

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He is often described in major article as a born goal-scorer both for his country and for his soccer club, he is used to saying “I like to pray” before all games, he is often seen at the center circle kneeling down and praying he said – I like to ask God to take care of me, because he gave me the opportunity to play football in the first place…………” Also he affirms his trust in God when he said “…………I talk to God and I tell him to take care of the health of all team member because the worst thing that can happen to a sportsman are injuries and there are a lot of accidents on the pitch that nobody wants…………..” little wonder why hernandez is known for exceptional display of soccer skills and accomplishment he always settle the game with God before every soccer match.



Edison is an Uruguayan striker, he is the tenth richest Christian football of all times as of today, Edison had for several years has openly embraced Christianity as his faith and he has also become a part of the professional athletes in all discipline who share a love for Jesus Christ and recognized Jesus as the lord of savior of lives.

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Cavani never makes his religious belief secret he publicly profess it as seen often on soccer pitch, he also said in a published book for the series of enlargements Mondadori, in his hisvventura human.

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