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Religion plays an important role in Nigeria and in the world.

Despite of the technological development people keep being concerned about this issue. That is why in every country there’s at least one the most populated churchesmega church.

The presented term means that this church has the greatest number of members across the country compared to the other ones.

That means people trust it and ready to attend it quite often.

The biggest church in Nigeria

most populated church in Nigeria

Christianity is the most widespread religion in Nigeria. However, it’s important to understand that there’re several branches of this belief. They include the three main ones:

  • Orthodoxy,
  • Catholicism,
  • Protestantism.

Beside them, there are also lots of movements based on them. Thus, the most populated church in Nigeria is Pentecostal. Pentecostalism is quiet a new movement based on the Protestant Christianity. The key point of it is the direct experience of God.

The adherents of this faith should accept Christ as the personal Lord. The other main features of the religion include the following:

most populated church 2

  1. Bible basis. Strong believe in the Bible as the Word of God. That’s why they so willingly hold on to its teaching. It is a Trinitarian faith and keeps to the key elements of Christian gospel. Holt spirit’s ministry is also stressed by them, although Jesus is the central figure as the God’s son and the coming king.
  2. Dependence upon Spirit. The main point’s that Christian life is supernatural. It means that Christ with his Spirit can enable people to do something they haven’t ever done before or even aren’t able to do by their nature. The work of the Spirit is essential in the service, repentance, faith, etc.
  3. Emotions. They play a crucial part in our life. Believers passionately love their God and other Christians. They desire to experience God through speaking and acting. It’s a distinguishing feature of in Nigeria 2
  4. Prayer. People devote themselves to the cultivation of a constant habit of praying. When they pray, they personally talk to the God and praise Him. Besides, sometimes they do it for quiet long time.
  5. Joy. They have celebration and joy within their hearts. They’re ready to praise their God everywhere at any time. This feature is strikingly reflected in their behavior in general.
  6. Worship. Pentecostals are always trying to become closer to the God. Thus, during their meetings and individually they lift up hearts and minds to Him. Very often, they raise their eyes and hands as well. Whatever they do, they want to glorify their God.
  7. Serving attitude. They don’t believe that only preaching can lead the church to maturity and that’s why try to attract everything to serve it. in their opinion, every member should make his or her contribution on the development, it’s not just the duty of pastors and elders.
  8. Evangelism. Such faith is initially evangelic and outreach-orientated. They are eager to share their teaching and Jesus Christ. Their religion is thought to be an example for the others.
  9. Community mind. They are strongly committed to their families. They forge new relations and help each other and their neighbors.
  10. Generosity. Sacrifice is a predominant aspect of their lives. They are very natural, friendly, and warm-hearted to each other.

Now when you are aware of the primary aspects of the largest church in Nigeria, let us find out why it’s popular:

most populated church in Nigeria

Pentecostalism stresses God’s kingdom here and now. For the believers heaven is not something distant, it is a reality. Holiness isn’t about wearing long dresses and not listening to music or watching movies. For Pentecostals it is living in love and harmony like in the future kingdom. They think heaven is right here, on the Earth.
The God’s will is being done through the people and one day something beautiful and wonderful will come to our world to heal our spirits and enable us to speak one language to praise our God.

It breaks down barriers. From the very start, this religion has struggled to break the walls separated various groups. There were different argues between blacks and whites, rich and poor, men and women, and so on. Pentecostalism helped them to unite and praise one Lord. Thus, people began their worship together.

Passion for justice and peace. They think that the God created our world justice. And His way’s the way of peace. It means that everyone should live in harmony with the world and with the other people. Pentecostals have always tried to help the neighboring. They, for instance, have opened an impressive number of kitchens and done other things to fight poverty and injustice.

A worldwide movement. For most people it’s important to know that their religion’s widespread. And Pentecostalism if not just an American thing or so, it is spread over the Earth. Many people from different parts of the globe follow it. Thus, it unites us even if we’re far away from. The same Spirit fills everyone.

A beautiful story. For the believers Bible is not just a book but also the story, which has been lasting until now. Everyone experiences it and adds to it. This religion also gives an opportunity to tell your own story. And for them it is strongly connected with all the others. Thus, people feel strong ties. You’re not alone and you’re welcome here.

The most popular Pentecostal churches in Nigeria largest church in NIgeria

Among the famous ones, you should know about:

  1. Redeemed Christian Church of God: the largest and the most influential one. It has more than 2 million members.
  2. Living Faith Church: it possesses almost the same amount of followers as the first one. There also many branches of it.
  3. Christ Embassy: it mostly influences the younger generation. Possesses a lot of branches.
  4. DayStar Christian Center: leaded by Sam Adeyemi. It also attracts and affects young people.
  5. Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries: very influential church with almost 1 million members.
  6. Fountain of Life Church: established by Taiwo and Bimbo Odukoya. It has an impact on young people in Lagos, Nigeria.
  7. Covenant Christian Center: Poju Oyemade (senior pastor) is a famous televangelist. It is famous in Lagos, Nigeria.
  8. Synagogue Church of All Nations: influential among foreigners and tourists.
  9. Latter Rain Assembly: Tunde Bakare (the pastor) is a former Muslim. He’s known for his openness.
  10. House on The Rock: Paul Adefarasin is a senior pastor. It is popular among the Lagos Nigeria residents.

Religion is an important aspect of our life. Pentecostalism, even being a comparatively new movement, is attracting more and more members in the world and has become the richest church in Nigeria. Its principles and viewpoints attract people and make them trust. That’s why their church has the title of the most popular within the country.

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