A while ago there was a rumor that President Buhari of Nigeria died in the UK but many dismissed it as a mere rumor.

People of Nigeria, get ready for the worst because it is not a rumor but a reality.

Buhari was rushed out of Nigeria in the middle of the night two days before his official leave, and was flown in an air ambulance to the UK for a major surgery.

The surgery required that he undergo an organ transplant but his body rejected the new organ due to his age. Though not dead but he is in a vegetable state right now The doctors actually asked him to officially resign because they were not too sure of the success of the surgery but he refused and they went ahead with it.

Sadly, Buhari did not survive the surgery and the outcome is being kept a top secret/ Fellow Nigerians, you are being deceived right now because there is a high powered meeting being carried out by Gen. Ibrahim Babangida and the Northern governors and they are planning now to remove the Vice President; as we speak. Chief Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan are not part of this plot and that is where there will be trouble.

There is a serious clash about to happen in Nigeria and it will be very bad.

God has revealed this to me long before Gen. Buhari got into power that he was going to die during his reign. Something is about to happen in Nigeria and please you people should not take this warning lightly. start buying food in the house because it will not be funny.

Mysteriously too, I do not see the Vice president taking over power because there are strong forces against him already.

PLEASE BE WARNED National Alert:

1. Nigerians pls stock up and always return home early for now.

2. All Nigerian Governors have been summoned to Abuja for yet to be disclosed EMERGENCY MEETING .

Majority are already there said a usually reliable source.

3. What is this sudden meeting for?

4. 19 Northern governors, IG, COAS, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, Abdulsalami Abubakar, Sultan of Sokoto, Emir of Kano, Dangote and other top northern politicians were in an emergency meeting in Abuja yesterday evening.

5. I would advice we pray for our VP for God’s Will to be done. 6. Nigerians!!!!

I urge us to pray like never before.

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