The Reality Of Spiritual Laws – Apostle Joshua Selman

Flesh cut short a flow of ancient realities, mantles do not leave the earth if we can connect to it we would do strange things on the face of the earth.

Dominion is a resultant effect of the knowledge and comprehension of the Mysteries of the kingdom
Mystery is a hidden truth that requires the agency of a spirit or another spirit that is not of this realm to open an individual to the reality.

The occultic realm operate on the strength of mysteries, it takes your fraternity with another spirit to open you up to those dimensions, coded operation shoded in mysteries. It has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom.

What did job know that turned his financial predicaments, bible never tell us the business he did. He only prayed for his friends. The prophet said call me a mistral who thought him or lectured him. Who tot the pslamist that praise was a garment a man can wear, when they go out for war they sing a particular song “For he his good and his mercies endures forever” he rose as a man of war.

Physical laws governs the physical realm and spiritual laws governs the spiritual realm.
THE KEY to dominion, influence(capacity to alter peoples mindset), power, wealth is hidden in our discovery to ancient spiritual laws.

Daniel 2:19-22; secret can be revealed not everything can be known by every Christians, it takes men that can press into the bowels of the spirit. Coca cola till todays has not reveal the formular or combination of their product.
Great men dwell on the strength of secrets, God wants to show us
The spirit realm is a real realm its only superior to the physical realm.

There is a constant interaction between this realm and the spirit real weather you like it or not, the condition of interaction is to be alive.

Rise to the reality that all we see is not all there is, there is more. The spirit of man is searching for a connection with its source. Somehow mankind knows until u interact with the spirit real there is no stability to your person. So we pray to a diety we call different names for many religion and we hope that somebody out there with a higher consciousness is listening to us.

The same way I can violate gravity and reap the consequences of my disobedience or ignorance so also I can stumbling into a spiritual law and activate its operation unconsciously and see its effect I can deactivate a spiritual law and see its effect, sometimes we talk something that activate prosperity for weeks you find out favor is coming but all of a sudden it shut, sometimes you found out everything you saying prayer comes to pass and other times its like your talking to yourself.

Some other times you find your dreaming almost everyday and its coming to pass then another time its like the heaven is shut. What is responsible for the opening and closing of the gate of the spirit.


1. Everything created belongs to God
2. All power belongs to God-: meaning if there is any performance that ever occurs, any manifestation of the supernatural in the earth to any degree was either a release or corruption of power that came from God. The central force or the seat of Power is God himself Psalm 62:11

How come magicians perform things if all power belongs to God, then all power belongs to God where do they get the power from? who empowered them? Anytime you caught a light grace is given to walk in that which you have seen. We have 40200 religions in the world and 5 major ones Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, New age.
The fallen angels when they came to the earth they interacted with men and part of that interaction was responsible for such information because they have ones been in heaven.

For any spiritual law to work it must be in partnership with a spirit, no man by his strength can activate spiritual laws. The holy spirit is not the only spirit that can activate spiritual laws, spirit of dead men, ancestral spirit, demons as long as they are spirit. The holy spirit is the only one authorize any spiritual law that God would be involved. So I can give a woman a baby, give accurate word of knowledge but not with the holy spirit.

Spiritual laws are not just powerful they can take advantage of the laws of creation and makes things work in the physical world.

Deborah could look at the stars and say I understand what you represent to the inhabitance of the earth align yourself in a way that the powers the men use for war will not work and the bible says the stars fought for Deborah with the permission of God, Joshua commanded the sun to stand still. The proof that God is in a thing the holy ghost must be the indicator and substance otherwise it is fetish even if it produces result it those because of it does because it’s a manipulation of a physical law.

Every spirit that initiate a process leaves a signature of its self, if Satan gives a child, heal the sick he leaves his signature although he uses spiritual law but there is darkness in his operation. Those laws helps Satan to continue his work.


1. TO CHANGE YOUR OUTSIDE CHANGE YOUR INSIDE Proverb 26:7 The quality of your life, environment, the things you do is a direct reflection of your perception, Ideology i.e. your life would open up to the physical what is in your heart. Your life is a reflection of your mind, Heaven is a reflection of God mindset, earth is a reflection of man mindset. The only way to change your life is to change your mindset and perception (Proverb 4:23). Your words reflect the authority based on the change that has occurred in you.
Leaders influence the people by becoming the change they want others to be, its easier to influence change when your successful. You change the system by changing the leaders.

2. THE CREATIVE POWER OF WORDS Gen 1:3 Not as God wished, expected, complaining God the talking spirit not declared or recite God commanded, words are powerful because it active spiritual laws and de-active a spiritual law. Instead of learning all the laws he gives you a key that can activate them.

The spoken words are activating the dimension of God revealed in a meeting psalms 141:3; Numbers 14:28 he already called you but he still ask you today it, because when you speak you activate spiritual laws, words are expensive. Proverb 18:21, anytime you speak you sow a seed. Proverbs 13:3 How to keep your life keep your mouth. So you can activate favor and the word calls it coincidence but heaven calls it activating laws.


1. Lord let the ministry of the holy spirit be evident in my life.
2. Lord whatever needs to change in my life for the quality of my life to change change it with the word of God.
3. Father imprint in me that my words are powerful, I cancel negative words I have made.

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