The Necessity of Salvation in our dying World!

This life is full of negativity, uncertainty, disappointments, fear, struggle…

How are we expected to escape from this uncertainty to the realm of certainty?
How are we supposed to escape this fears that threaten our existence?
How are we supposed to escape the reality of guilt, shame and hopelessness from our ugly past?
How can we escape, howwww?😔😔

Are Addiction the only way out?
Is prostitution the only way out?
Is suicide the only exit?…
Is giving in for that lecturer the only alternative?….

Have you ever be in this situation, hopeless, helpless, or you felt like giving up and you blame God for your existence?… You are not alone, I’ve been there, let me show you the way out

JESUS Yes!!!💃💃🤜💪
He’s the only way out, he’s the salvation to a meaningful life.

We might remain in this painful life but Christ make the difference, through him we have already entered eternal life.

I have him and I’m not ashamed of him
You know what? I’m in love😍💋, ever since I met him, my life has made a whole lot of difference💃
When I was broken, he comforted me, when I was lost, he found me, when I was hurt, he healed me, when I needed someone to open up to, he’s always there by my side. I’m not bragging but he’s the best man I can ever have in my life

I hope you know him too?
Whenever you fall away from your relationship with him, God comes searching for you, wanting the relationship to be restored. He’s always waiting for your return just like the prodigal son.
Just say these words
Lord Jesus, I really need you, forgive me Oh Lord for walking away. I’m coming home right now like the prodigal son. Father receive me and clean me up and give me what belongs to me. Cleanse me with your blood. I’m giving you my life, I wanna serve you oh Lord, help me to serve you and love you all the days of my life. Amen!!!

That’s it. I congratulate you for making that decision

I just made the message of evangelism easy for you, rebroadcast to someone.

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