Study: The difference between knowledge and Revelation (Part 1)

Luke 24:14-29

After the Lord’s resurrection, two of His disciples went to Emmaus. On the way, they were talking to each other concerning all the things which had occurred, that is, about the things concerning the Lord Jesus which Mary had related. At that moment, the Lord Jesus Himself drew near to them.

Yet, their eyes were kept from recognizing Him; they did not know the resurrected Lord. They knew the Jesus who was in the flesh. But they did not know the Lord who had resurrected.

Resurrection was a mysterious thing to them, and they could not believe in it.

The Lord conversed with them, taught them, and clearly explained to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself, beginning from Moses and from all the prophets. Yet, they still did not know Him.

Although they understood the teachings of the Scriptures and were touched and even burning
in their hearts, they still did not know the Lord Jesus.

This shows us that doctrines and revelation are two different
They understood the Scriptures, but they did not know the Lord.
They knew the teachings about Christ, but they did not know Christ.

  • Apostle Arome Osayi.