Praise the name of The Lord both from now and forever.

Our God is indeed a good and a faithful God, I want to address some very powerful and yet prophetic issues that are happening in the nation of our world and the current age that we live in.

Every Nation and Generation use to have some level of Transformation going on, and this use to be the major determinant of the exploits that will be recorded in that nation at that time and season.

I give God the Glory that the time we live in right now, the Nation of Nigeria is undergoing a move of the Spirit, and there is a lot of divine assignment and agendas that are going on in our Nation right now, to God alone be all the Glory.

I have been in this nation, for more than 20years and i have seen various kind of happenings and operations in the nation that happens, to the end that God’s glory can be seen, the prayer of the saint as kept Nigeria moving on in the midst negative circumstances and situations.

This Article will refer us to some historical facts about the move of God in this nation and how much it as transform Nigeria, and God is not done with us yet, it is not by mistake that God as desire to lift Nigeria out of the dungeon of darkness into a God’s own nation, it is to the end that his Glory may be seen by all in this Nation.

But before we move further, I want you to read this article, that i wrote longtime ago, about the Hierarchy of Spiritual Leadership in the body of Christ in Nigeria.

I was born into the move of God led by God’s anointed servant, Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, which gave birth to the C.A.C Church, which use to be essentially known for prayer, revival and the prophetic move of the spirit.

When, men like Benson Idahosa, came on the scene, they understand that the move of God and the agenda of God is highly progressive, there are certain things God is really doing for his people and through his people 10years ago, but there is so much more, he wants to begin to do, right now, so we can tabernacle at the move of God which use to be, 10years ago, God is progressive and so, is his ways and his agendas and we have to be updated too.

Apostle Paul wrote 2-3rd of the New Testament, which was meant to unravel to the church, the agenda of God for the now, for our present time, how the operations of the spirit will be in the now, and what we should know about this dispensation.

From time of God’s servant Benson IDAHOSA, the teachings of Faith and endless possibilities in Christ Jesus, flooded the scene and by Faith, mighty mind blowing exploits began to take place, Mighty Church began to emerge, the move of God was strong, the revival was a massive one, salvation of souls became the order of the day, and many turn back to God, but it did not end there, they were planted in the house of the Lord and were been fed the word of God, which powers their growth and establish in the Faith, this continues to happen, and the body of Christ begins to expand greatly in growth and attendance, thereby raising a Righteous and Godly nation, which ultimately attracts the Blessings of God to Nigeria, also, the move of God was strong with many signs and wonders to the end that Nigeria began to take the Gospel to other Nations ( which is now becoming rampant).

We can not under estimate the works of great Generals “Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, for the move of the spirit that flooded Nigeria through their evangelistic missions.

Many souls were saved and planted in various churches, the kingdom of Darkness was indeed subdue and God was glorified!

Let me share some few lines from the words of Bishop David Oyedepo written in an Epistle to the body of Christ on this same issue am talking about’ this is exactly How Bishop puts it in his words, read it below;


As we are all aware, we are in the last days, where the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and many nations shall flow unto it – Micah 4:1-2

We are in the latter days, where God is out, building the latter house, whose glory shall be greater than the former – Hag. 2:3-9

We are also in the latter days, where God’s people shall begin to build the old wastes, raise up the former desolations, the desolations of many generations – Is. 61:4-5

We are indeed in the building era in the body of Christ!

But through wisdom is a house built; and by understanding it is established – Pro. 24:3-4

This implies that, we are in the era of the manifestation of the ‘manifold’ wisdom of God in the body of Christ today.

As it is written, “To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God, according to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord” – Eph. 3:10-11

The manifold wisdom of God here, is translated in the Amplified Bible as “the many-sided wisdom of God in all its innumerable aspects and infinite varieties”

There shall be a strong wave of the Spirit of wisdom blowing across the body of Christ like never known before in history, with undeniable proofs in building great institutions across the nations of the earth.

These institutions shall include, mega church facilities, educational institutions across all levels, health care infrastructures, great industries and conglomerates, etc. through the empowerment of the Spirit of wisdom – Ps 87:1-7

This order of wisdom cannot be found in the land of the living, neither can it be acquired in any institution of learning, because it is from above, it shall be above all intellectual realms that even destruction and death shall bow to its authority.

This wisdom from on high will engender dominion over all the challenges of life, make amazing discoveries in creating solution to real life problems and many more – Job. 28:7-28

The body of Christ is in for the best of time ever; God shall be empowering the end-time church to reign by the outpouring of the Spirit of wisdom – Pro. 8:15-18

We are indeed in the era of the manifestation of the sons of God, that the world has been waiting for; and as this army of solution providers begins to rise in the body of Christ, the world around us shall begin to exclaim, ‘what wisdom is this that is given unto them that such mighty works are wrought by their hands?’

Many lames, blind, cripple, deaf and dumb were all healed by the power of Jesus, and they were all saved and establish in the Faith.

This was the kind of move, i was born into and i give God the glory for it, now there are many, infact, so many servants of God that as led the move of God in this nation that i might not remember to mention their name in this article, but i pray the Lord empowers them and reward them eternally in Jesus name.

Now, that we have been privilege to host the move of God in Nigeria, what are we to expect?

What happens to  Nigeria that hosts a true Revival?

Remember, The Bible was speaking of Jesus, and he said, the “Government shall be upon his Shoulder ( Isaiah 9:6  )”.

Nigerian Churches owns not less than 180 Private Universities that run with amazing standard, incorporating the Godly and Academic standard that makes for perfect Christian Life and Academic Scholars, men and women with vision and right mission, mentality, resources and a nation building mindset.

Places like Covenant have the state-of-the-earth equipment and resources to give the student the knowledge they would have gotten in Harvard of Cambridge University.

Also, Church networks like Winners, Redeem and some others with large network of Pastorates and Staff,s have nothing lesser than 20,000 Work force that are on regular salary ( and some times, enjoy double salary two or three times a year). What the government of the nation can not even give a try, the hand of God at work in the midst of the people of God is breaking every protocol to the end that, God can be seen in their midst.

The Bible talks about how that, Jerusalem shall be a “City without Walls   – Zechariah 2:4   “.

This is exactly the experience of the church in Nigeria and it is due to the fact that, the ark of Revival as landed on our shores ( According to Papa Oyedepo at Shiloh 2015).

Now, Let me prophetically declare also to God’s people, that the order of Wealth and Prosperity that is coming upon the people of God, the Church in Nigeria, we have never seen that kind and type before, and it will shock the world and bring Nigeria out of Mediocrity, its all going to happen in a short while, this is because, God is committed to the people that takes him serious and are committed to him, right from the bible says, There was scarcity in the land of Egypt, yet Food abound seriously in Goshen, God always exempt his people in the time of famine, and it doesn’t really matter what as been the status quo or the normal norms, when heaven is involve in the affair of men, there is bound to be transformation.

The Ark of Revival that is currently in our Nation today, as brought us into a realm of Swimming in the Miraculous, we are not miracle seekers, we have rather become Miracle workers by the Outpouring of the Spirit of God upon us, the knowledge of God is also a major facilitator of the manifestations of the power of God, and all these are now in place in our churches and therefore, the Church in Nigeria, is going to carry on the Move of God in this Nation and the Transformation Agenda of God for Nigeria, even the unbelievers and the government will soon come and reckon with us, by the virtue of what God will be doing, (  Zechariah 8:23  ).

All these are the fulfillment of the Scriptures in our days.

The end-time is the glorification time of Zion (  Psalm 102:13  ).

No wonder the Bible says, “They that are planted in the house of the Lord, shall flourish in the court of our God Psalm 92:13  “.

In these days and time, it is dangerous not to be planted in a church, you will so vulnerable to the devices of the enemy, you must belong to a Bible Believing Church, ( and i really recommend, Winners Chapel, this is because their syllabus towards spiritual growth and liberation/transformation of people is mind blowing), Dunamis, Redeem, and others are good Bible believing Church too.

The kind of Church that God is raising, is not people that will get born again every Sunday, when they are saved, they are planted and establish, by various classes of Believers foundation programs , through which they are equipped with the knowledge of the Truth, so that their salvation can forever.

The Holy Ghost baptism is yet another over jackpot that turns them into instant Disciples of Christ, when they are baptism in the Holyspirit, they are empowered and began to trade by the wisdom of God, the mind of Christ, to the end that they can please the lord, all the days of their life and also fulfill their glorious destiny in Christ Jesus.

Let’s throwback a little to the days of the Archbishop Idahosa, he brought Televangelism to Nigeria, and now, major churches livestream their services both on Television and on the internet, which as taking the Gospel to far and near part of the world, reaching millions of people, saving lives and destinies of men, there as been countless testimonies of encounters with the word of God via Televangelism, but when Idahosa brought it then, a number of people criticize it, but i personally, believe its part of God’s transformation agenda for the nation, and that is how it will continue, revival always bring to the people of God, civilization and advancement.

That is why Jesus said, I have come, that they might have life and have it more abundantly, we go for outreaches many times, and when we go, to the glory of God, we harvest souls of men, that are the verge of giving up, or committing suicide and God reach out to them by his Love, plant and establish them in the church and their lives are been transformed to the Glory of God.

This is how the Transformation agenda of God comes into place in community, villages, town, cities, nations and generation, its the move of the Spirit and it is always accompanied by signs and wonders.

Things like reaching out to lost souls, saving them and establishing them in the church, should not be optional in any ministry, it is rather a must!

Heaven does not rejoice when you build a 10 million Naira mansion, it does not rejoice when you give birth to twin, or you buy the latest ferrari, but Heaven rejoice when a lost soul comes back to God through you, so we are not wealth and prosperity seeking people, the end time church, is a church that truly seek God and the interest of his kingdom but you and I know, that God will never lie, indeed, every other things, will be added to us, as we seek his Kingdom (   Matthew 6:33  ).

The Church growth agenda are accomplished by salvation of souls and the scriptures is been fulfilled, The Bible says;

But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it (  Micah 4:1  ).

So all the nations of the earth shall flood into the church of Jesus, as long as we continue to build according to the pattern of heaven, then we are sure this prophecy will be fulfilled!

Prayer : Father, we pray for the church in Nigeria, that by your POWER and your SPIRIT, you will empower us to continually stay focus on the cause of your Kingdom assignment for the end time in Jesus name, amen!