Pastor Adeboye shared this story about Pa Akindayomi, its so unbelievable, what God can do when all hope is lost and the only reason why i would share a post as this, is because when we are faced with hopelessness, as Believers, we often tends to loss hope and lose or FAITH in God, forgetting that the Just were actually going to “LIVE BY FAITH”.

I know after you are done reading, you will begin to trust and believe the lord afresh in your life and you will see more of his glory and manifestation in various dimensions.

Pastor Adeboye shared this testimony one day, when he wanted us to pray for a supernatural intervention and miracles that will be unbelievable, he said, there are quiet a lot of miracles God as done that are mind blowing, even to the point of raising the dead a number of time, and he said, there are other kinds of Miracles that only happens once, it was never repeated, and trying to give an example of such miracle, was when he shared this encounter with us,

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He Said,

As we all know, The Founder of Redeem Christian Church of God, in person of Pa Josiah Akindayomi, is a true prophet of God, anointed but poor, so one day, the wife wanted to cook and there was not stew, and they were all thinking, what do we do?

No food, no money to go and get stew, and the lord told the wife, go and open the stew pot and dish, but don’t ever look into the pot, and so she went ahead, and she was doing this a number of days, and some times she will dish out Chicken, some times, Fish, some Beef and so on…. But as a human being with Blood and Flesh, we tend to question some supernatural interventions of God in our lives and we also love to know how those things do happen, so then one day, she opened the pot and looked inside, and from that day, there was nothing inside the pot again, but God so good, in the midst of her obedience, the miracle carried them for a number of days and they enjoyed meal from the store house of heaven


Praise the name of the Lord.

THE BIBLE says, JESUS CHRIST, the same Yesterday, Today and Forever, if he did a miracle, yesterday, he can still yet do another one today and he will yet do greater ones tomorrow, that is why He is the Lord!

Praise the name of the lord, forever, amen!

Be strong in the Lord and the power of His Grace, nothing is impossible with God, he will meet all your needs and make you smile again in Jesus name!