Many people have been wondering why it seems the General overseer of Omega power ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman is a target for arrest by the DSS. We will not be here analyzing these comments but to leave you to join the comments and make conclusions.
1 It started with Governor El-Rufai of kaduna’s call for preachers to start obtaining licences to preach, see Apostle Johnson sulaiman’s comment
“His days are numbered. It has started with slap, watch out for what will happen. I am not a rabble rouser, neither am I running my mouth. In the 1999 constitution, chapter four under the fundamental human rights, section 38; it says that: every one has the freedom of thoughts, conscience and opinion and they are very free to exercise their religion either in a community, in public or in private. In public means putting the speaker anywhere.
That means he is going against the nation. He is going against the constitution. The Herod said he did it in Abuja and nothing happened.

He entered a Christian community in Kaduna and demolished the place and nothing happened. If I be a man of God, the Herod of Kaduna will die,”

2 Apostle Johnson Sulaiman had this to say about Governor El-Rufai’s claim of fraternizing with the fulani herdsmen, the moment he was sworn in as governor to stop them from attacking his people
“First, he said when he became governor, he traced the attackers to Cameroon, Chad, and Niger and sent a message to them that one of their own, a Fulani like them, was now governor.

This comment displays a dramatically bigoted mindset. “A governor of a state in Nigeria was making appeals based on ethnic kinship and brotherhood to a group of foreign killers of people in his state! In other words, he was appeasing his murderous foreign kinsmen at the expense of indigenes of his state who are not his ethnic kinsmen but whose safety and interests he swore to defend. “The governor shocking statement indicates that ethnic solidarity trumped his constitutional obligations to protect Southern Kaduna citizens from the external threats of foreign Fulani herdsmen,” he said.

3 Governor El-rufai also said he paid some herdsmen to stop the killings in Southern kaduna and Apostle Johnson Suleman has this to say
“The Governor of Kaduna State confessed that he paid money to some Fulani herdsmen as compensation to stop the killings in Southern Kaduna. That means he knows those who have committed atrocities against Christians. He must be made to produce them to answer to charges of murder and other crimes”, he declared.
El-Rufai can be safely regarded as an apologist of the herdsmen, and with a fact. On July 12, 2012, he tweeted the following: “We will write this for all to read. Anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes.” The governor’s response to the killings in Southern Kaduna has been consistent with this mindset. In a recent chat with newsmen in Kaduna, the governor made different remarks to substantiate his love for the herdsmen and their activities.
Which is worse?

Saying the truth or offering money to murderers?

Did El-Rufai offer money to ghosts?

For you to pay someone money, the person must have a known and fixed address. As chief security officer of the state, was it not his business to arrest and put these hoodlums on trial? How come no one has been caught or being prosecuted for the massacre in Southern Kaduna?

Obviously, there’s more to it that meets the eye.”

ayo fayose and apostle johnson sulaiman


4. In a crusade held at Ado-Ekiti, where attempts was made to arrest him, Apostle Johnson Sulaiman has this to say

“they said i preached in Auchi two weeks ago which they said implied that I was instigating Christians against Muslims. I have always been an advocate of peace and I can’t stay around and be saying such. There are widows, orphans we take care of. No leader will see his shepherd being killed and be happy.

“Later, I got anonymous calls from Fulani Herdsmen about what I said. What I said was that, if gunmen came around church to attack churches, you must defend yourself, but if they come to pray, don’t attack. But they quoted me out of context. I am not stupid, I live among the crowd and I am not senseless. Time for self defence has come. Whether you are a Muslim or Christian, someone can’t just come to your house and kill your children and you will keep quiet.

“I said the Christians must not go after them, but if they come after us, then defend yourself. This is what they twisted to mean. I am hearing different versions of the story. I was in Abuja for three days why didn’t they come after me. But now that I am in Ekiti, they wanted to lump me up with a man they think was against them. It could have been easier to pick me up in Abuja, I don’t live here.”

5 Finally, after a brief interrogation by the DSS, Apostle Johnson Sulaiman has this to say
” Actually I am in Abuja to honour DSS’s invitation. It is true I made the statement and I am ready to repeat it again.
I got some intelligence reports that some Fulani herdsmen were coming to attack them and I asked the people to act in self defence
Even the constitution of Nigeria allows for self defence and I called on Christians and non Christians alike not to allow themselves to be slaughtered”.
“Any Fulani Herdsman you see around you,kill him, I have told them in the Church here, that any Fulani herdsman that just entered by mistake kill him, Kill him,Cut his head if they are busy killing Christians over there and nothing is happening,we will kill them and nothing will happen”. Read full comments

Reading through these comments, one would think the alleged arrest of Apostle sulaiman must definitely have a root from his many comments against Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state and the Fulani Herdsmen. Its left for you to choose ooo