T.B. Joshua is too small to allow

someone speak against Archbishop

Idahosa and Papa Adeboye– Apostle

Johnson Suleman responds to the

fake comical confession from SCOAN.

After weeks of waiting, The Oracle of

God Apostle Johnson Suleman has

finally responded to the fake comical

confession from SCOAN. 

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The confession which went viral was

given by one Dr. Ifeoma Mary Azuh

claiming to have been to several

ministries seeking for help.

 In her

“confession”, she alleged that she

came to Omega Fire Ministries

International Worship Centre Auchi

and was charged some monies before

seeing the man of God. 

She further

spoke against several other

ministries and ministers including the

late Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa,

Papa E. A. Adeboye, Dr. Paul

Enenche, Papa Ayo Oritseajafor and

several others.

In her confession of over 1 hour which

was supervised by SCOAN and

broadcast live on Emmanuel TV

during the Sunday Service of 10th

April 2016,

she also reported that

God’s Servant, Apostle Johnson

Suleman took her to a mountain

along Lagos – Ibadan Expressway

and led her to the Presence of his

Father in the Lord 

(Papa E. A. Adeboye) who she also alleged

prayed for her yet she continued to

wallow in her travails.

 Speaking in

his Sunday Service of 24th April

2016, Apostle Johnson Suleman in

this monumental response stated

emphatically that

“T.B. Joshua is too small to speak

against the late Archbishop B.A.

Idahosa and Papa Adeboye for any


How will T.B. Joshua permit

such a thing to happen in his church,

allowing a woman to talk in the

name of testimony for over 1 hour 30

minutes speaking against men of


Was she the guest speaker?”

He added that; “How much would she

had given to earn his attention?. 


did not just seek to attack the Body of

Christ externally, she also tried to

cause internal rancor between my

pastor and I. 

If I do not know Pastor

Iyare (his residence pastor who the

woman alleged to have requested for

money from her) at all, I would have

believed, but he has worked with me

for years and I can attest to his


He also stated that there is no

mountain along the Lagos – Ibadan

Expressway as she lied that she was

taken to one. 

Apostle Johnson

Suleman reminded the Congregation

of his prophecy that “He would be

attacked from all angles this year”.

He admonished the church to be

prepared for more attacks in these

days. He warned the family of Azuh of

the impending curse that is now upon

them for this singular act. 

Sighting an

example of Prophet Jeremiah Fufuyen

of MercyLand Ministries Warri, who

communicated with him of the lady’s

attempt to lie that he criticized the


He said; “He (Apostle

Suleman) has no reason to fight the

work of God that is being done by

another minister”.

The service was broadcast live to

over 100 countries through his TV

channel; Celebration TV from the

International Headquarters in Auchi,

Edo State.