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It is welcome, you just have to ensure the requirement below are met;

  1. Your Articles must be Gospel, Christian centered in focus and edifying.
  2. You must not talk against Christ Jesus by any means.
  3. You must configure it to bless a global audience.
  4. It is must be originally written and not have been published on another site.
  5. Your articles must not be less than 500words.
  6. You must include at least one relevant images in your article (Not Compulsory).
  7. You can also send Articles on Life Value adding information like Business, Marriage, Relationship, Education and other aspects of life that are important to humanity.

Send your Articles to DunamisBlog12@gmail.com, it will be reviewed and if it meet up with our standard, it will be published.

If you are a Gospel Music minister, you can send your songs and album cover to us, we will review it and if its up to standard, it will be published!

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