Education and School system often times, measures and accord success to various people according to their IQ, how much they know, how well, they perform in examinations, studies and academic responsibility, this is not bad, but it is not just the best way to measure true success in Life.

Apparently you can be successful in Academics and be a Failure in Life.

There are a lot that determines and makes for Success in Life and not just in school.

I would love you to read an article i publish longtime ago on this Blog,

Why First Class Students, don’t emerge first Class in Life.

I remember those days in school, i was an average student, i wasn’t among the best, but i know, i have potentials, I’m very smart and intelligent, i could think through a whole lot of things and come up with viable solutions, ideology and make the world a better place, but something pretty ridiculous about the school system is that, there is a way they make it look as if, if you are not successful academically, you are almost going to end up a failure in Life, this is Wong!

And I mean, totally wrong!

This is not True!

A lot of students suffers low self esteem, believing that the best grade folks in class, are better than them in every way, this is not true at all.

Today, I got a Video that i believe, everybody should watch, especially the young ambitious people, that are really panting after Success in all that they do!

There are a lot that makes for Success than hard working, Intelligence Quotient, Consistency or even skills and experience, in this Video, you will get to discover more, what you need, in order to set annual, biennial and even perennial goals, that would become a reality many years from now.

Watch The Video Below!



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