Read and enjoy this great piece from our Resident Pastor at Faith Tabernacle Otta;
Pastor David Oyedepo Junior;
“Have a strong sense of responsibility. As a believer, it is irresponsible of you to see the devil at work around you and not do anything about it.
There may be nothing positive in your family history but you must know that God didn’t put you in that family to struggle with them.
You are there to show them the way out. If you see sickness in your lineage, for example, instead of accepting it as your fate, chase it out.
That’s what you’re there for; something in you is available for healing. If you see satanic oppression, something in you is available to cast out demons.
Stop staring negative occurrences in the face and take charge. A sense of responsibility is the key that drives you to deploy God’s ability in you”
– David Oyedepo Jnr