What I still do not understand is why people see Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s words as violence inciting? I am not his fan and have never been but I had to take some time out to watch the video. Truth be told, #iStandWithSuleimanOnThis.

If you see a Fulani man (understand that they mean no good, over 98% of the time), kill him before he gets an opportunity to kill you.

I would have said otherwise if the fg or KD state government had an ongoing productive measure to stop the killing, and bring the culprits to book but what we get is a governor who warns that “anyone who kills a Fulani man takes a loan repayable someday”.

I am wondering if Nigerians should have their hands folded till they are all killed by these politically instrumented herdsmen (or killers)? Can’t people motive theirs to be ready to defend themselves and if need be, strike before you get stricken?

I see the northern leaders, including the president, as people who excited about these genocides. Otherwise, why would the president mobilise a troop to Gambia where not a single person had been killed while ignoring where several scores had been recorded dead? Isn’t that a thumb’s up for those cold blooded murderers?

I wish most Nigerian communities can follow a community I so loved several years ago for poisoning everything that the herdsmen in that community consumed which led them to immediately move out of that community when they found they lost virtually all their cattles in one day and they also were going down!

Enough of this “political and ethical correctness” practiced by some southerners.

If they kill one of you, you can kill 10 of theirs and trust me, things will return back to normal!