We are still on the Dollar to Naira Exchange rate and i want you to be informed about the latest and what is really going on with the Nigeria Economy, Recession, Food Supply, Food Price and the likes..

If you’re waiting for the prices of goods and services to reduce because of reduction in dollar/naira exchange rates, then you may need to wait longer.

‘ Today, CBN tactically devalued the naira further. Right now official price of dollar is N357/1$. Banks and finance houses are to sell at 360/$.

This means that black market rates may never go below this rate.

This is too sad. Just when I thought the CBN would continue to pressure the dollar and take it back to 250/$, they now did this. It’s now proven that the so-called intervention was actually artificial and not really sustainable.

This is now a justification for continued double digit increase in prices of products and services.

Well, looking from a higher and deeper plane of thought, Nigeria as a nation is at that point in time, when it needs badly the help from Above, The Bible says ” I shall lift my eyes to the hills, from where cometh my help, my help cometh from the lord, maker of heaven and earth” Psalm 121:2  .

So what are we to do as Believers?

The Elects of God?

We must PRAY!!!

We must embrace righteousness, enough of engaging in Dirty Businesses and Corruption, this is the only way forward, this is the only way God can hear us from heaven and heal our land, this is the only way, the true Blessings of God can come down to us again.

You see, maybe we are in good time or hard time, financially and economic wise in this nation, the scriptures can not be broken, we have to always live by the standard of God, operating our hands in clean deals and walking in the true fear of God, this is the only way forward and this is the assured way to get out of recession and difficulty as a nation.

Corruption can not be fought by the government of any Nation, we need to understand that,  people need to turn back to God, the fear of God in the heart of people is what takes away Corruption, and this is only going to happy when there is true REVIVAL.

When we don’t have to beg or persuade people to change from their evil ways, but they literally come to serve the living God, because anytime, people turn their back against God, there is bound to be serious problem.

We need to return to God, in love, living in referential fear of God, and walking in truth and righteousness, even in our business endeavors,


I remember, some weeks ago, I patronize a woman, and she is a True Christian, from her dress and the way she does, you will know (remember, by their fruit, you shall know them), but as i turned my eyes to look just downward, in their shop,  I saw them selling some alcoholic drinks, instantly, the spirit of God ministered to me, so I walked up to her, and told her, madam, i want to discuss with you privately, she took me into her office and it was me and her alone there, I said to her, ” I honor you ma, and i love the fact that you are a christian, since i have been coming to buy stuffs in your supermarket, they way you do, tells me you are a believer, and she says YES! am a Christian, So i said Thank God, but then, I saw some alcohols just down the glass table there, * The look on her face, is uncomfortable now * So  I told her, me, the Lord is not please with this, the Bible says, ” Little Foxes spoils the Vine” So you must remove the little foxes so that your vine can grow without limits, God wants to bless your Business, but you are an hindrance to the release of his Blessings, because what you are doing, and selling is not glorifying his name, your sell more than 90% good and legit goods that people uses, but selling alcohol, you are marketing the devil to people, you are leading them to hell, you are killing sous, instead of saving them, please change so that you will not regret, so that you will not miss out of the blessings of God and also so that you will not end up in Hell, because as a Christian, even in Business, you are meant to glorify God and God alone, you don’t eat and dine with the devil, it is very dangerous! May the LORD give you Understanding.

She responded; ” Thank you sir, more anointing, I will amend my ways.

Look at the story of these woman now, she has children and she wants them to live  a Godly and responsible life and become somebody on the earth, but she is doing the wrong thing, by selling what the devil likes, thus, leading more people away from God and straight into hell, we have to also be careful, all of these are the things that takes away from any Nation, the True Blessings of God, that was ordain and meant for them in the first place, we really have to be wise and walk in the ways of God totally, we must not compromise, so that the Full Scale Blessing that was meant to be ours, can come.

Some people are praying, yet nothing is working, don’t just go and be abusing prayer, God can not be mocked, so check your ways, God only answers the prayer of those that are his own.

I wrote an Article long time ago, and I would like you to read it, it will really bless you, I titled it ” GOD DOES NOT GIVE MONEY, HE GIVES BLESSINGS“.

This is just the truth, your Business is not what brings the money, it is the blessings of God, so you must ensure that what you are doing is to God’s glory, so that the true blessings of God can come through it into your Life.

The Bible says, ” The Blessings of God, maketh rich and addeth no sorrow to it Proverbs 10:22 “.

May the Lord give us understanding in Jesus name!

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