Bishop David Oyedepo, as so many of us know is a man of vision. He is one with a mission which is not for personal pleasure but to please the Lord.

Living Faith Church (aka Winners Chapel) is a wonderful church that was founded by Bishop David Oyedepo in 1981 after an 18 hour vision at Ilesa in an International hotel where he received the liberation mandate “FROM THE BEGINNING IT WAS NOT SO, NOW THE HOUR HAS COME TO LIBERATE THE WORLD FROM ALL OPPRESSION OF THE DEVIL THROUGH THE PREACHING OF THE WORD OF FAITH AND I AM SENDING YOU TO UNDERTAKE THIS TASK”. the Church had it first  commissioning service  in Kwara state on the 17th 0f September 1983 and with the presence of Pastor E.A. Adeboye to commission the ministry.

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Not so long after that he got a message from God to move to Damascus which was then understood to be Kaduna but he wanted to go to Jos because he loved the place but God told him that He is not the one sending him to Jos, he is  sending himself. Then he decided to go to Kaduna listening to the voice of God.

Bishop David Oyedepo has stated many times that God has showed him where the ministry is going to

  • he said that God told him that at the base of this ministry there will be a tent that will sit 50,000 people and not only that he said that right from the onset of the ministry when the church is still trying to grow, he shouts on the top of his voice and people will be like why is he shouting we are not more than this little number; yes they were little but they could not see what he was seeing because he could see himself talking to thousands of people.
  • he also said God showed him that he was ministering somewhere and so many people from different places around the world were watching him the same time he was ministering and at that time there was nothing like the Internet.
  • God also showed him things like birds flying and he asked God what are these? the lord answered him saying these are aircraft’s with you in in it. today the ministry has 4.
  • God also told him that he should put the spoken word to writing with the same measure of proof and that led to the establishments of Dominion publishing house

Today we can see it clearly that it is true because there is practical prove that God did not only call him but also speaks to him. That is the qualities of a True Prophet.

David Oyedepo was ordained Bishop by God’s servant Archbishop Benson Idahosa   of Blessed memory.

In 1987 while he was in the United States God told him to” get back home and make my people rich”

Bishop David Oyedepo announced that the church should begin to spread out. this was after God has showed him in a vision a mighty big building coming down from heaven with great fire burning in it and when it hit the earth, it broke into so many buildings and when the same type of fire that was burning in the main building was also burning in the little buildings.
n 27 May,1987, exactly a month later, the first five branches of the church were established in 5 Nigerian towns namely Mubi, Azare, Biu, Maiduguri and Bauchi.

The mandate to Africa is known as the African Gospel Invasion Program (AGIP). The foreign mandate is an arm of the World Mission Agency (WMA) of the ministry.

In 2000, the prompting came to reach out beyond Africa and this mandate is now known as the “Mission to the World” (MTW).

As at September 2010,there are at least 10 branches of Winners Chapel in the USA in cities like Houston, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Minnesota and Massachusetts. There are also branches in the UK, UAE, Belgium, The Caribbean, Canada, China, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan among others all over the world; in Nigeria alone, there are about 3,000 local branches and about 24,000 satellite fellowships in the Lagos area.

The international headquarters of the commission Faith Tabernacle is located in Canaan land, km 10 idiroko, ota lagos, Nigeria. It  was built on a 70 acres and it can sit 50,000. Currently the ministry is building a new auditorium “Faith Theater” with a 100000 sit capacity.

The church has 2 universities, Covenant University was adjudged the best private university in Nigeria in 2005 and one of the goals of the institution is to be among the best in the world by or before 2020.

According to Bishop Oyedepo, “Covenant University is not just an institution, it is a revolution in education” approved by the Nigerian Government in March 2011 and immediately resumed academic activities the same month with about 1000 students. Construction at Landmark university is estimated to be in the realm of at least $50 million (N7 billion) so far while Bishop Oyedepo insists that ‘spending continues’.

Landmark University (LU) has the mandate of spearheading an aggrarian revolution in Nigeria. Bishop David Oyedepo stated in August 2010 that it takes a ride of more than 100 km to go around the walls of Landmark University. Landmark University consists presently of 1,400 acres.,

There are strong plans for about 5 more universities to be constructed across Africa including Abuja and Calabar in Nigeria, Ghana, Democratic republic of Congo and Kenya as announced by Bishop Oyedepo during Shiloh 2007.

1,000 acres have already been acquired for the university in Ghana while 300 hectares (about 750 acres)have been acquired for the Congo university and this is going to be a French speaking university. Recently, President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia appealed to the World Mission Agency (WMA) of the Living Faith Church to build a university in The Gambia. Some other projects that were announced during the initial foundation laying in Canaan land in 1999 include a towering administrative headquarters and 500 bed hospital among many other projects.

The bishop is known as the worlds richest pastor with a net worth of $150,000 but really the Bishop does not see it that way instead he sees it the kingdom way he said in 2016 that “they call me the richest pastor with a net worth of $150,000, if they can calculate what God has in store for me in his store house then they know my net worth.

There is so much about the Life and ministry of Bishop David Oyedepo that as impacted the world and this generation positive, the churches and Christianity network in Africa will never remain the same, Nigeria as a nation as been blessed and transformed by the workings of Grace and wonders in the life of Bishop David Oyedepo, click here to read some Notable Facts about Bishop Oyedepo.

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