During a crusade, held by God’s servant apostle Johnson suleman in surulere, on the 19th of march 2015, something strange happened, he said that he had seen that some witches, and wizards where present in the gathering, and that he would count 1 to ten, for them to come out for repentance or face the wrath of GOD, some individuals came out, for deliverance from witchcraftism (permit my vocabulary).

This included a boy who was a flesh eater, he confessed, that he was a wizard, that he had destroyed he’s family, caged his elder sister and used his siblings star to play football in the coven, he narrated how he spiritually destroys any girl he sexually relates with as he has spiritual evil powers in his private parts, the boy said he couldn’t count the number of people he had killed, and initiated to wizardry.

The man of God explained how God showed him that the flesh eating boy had just returned from a mission where he caused an accident and claimed peoples lives.

when it was time for his deliverance, apostle shouted fire, and the young man couldn’t stand on his feet anymore, he put off his shirt and trousers, almost took off his short till he was held, he was holding his private part and shouting, he couldn’t resist the fire of GOD.

Suddenly, the whole crowd went ballistic and wild when he vomited a blood covered substance, oozing drops of blood in d process, Glory to God, he was delivered after an encounter with divinity.
In the same crusade another girl who claimed to have destroyed men by the reason of seduction and sex came out she confessed how she had just finished sleeping with five men that day, she confessed been a witch and a prostitute, she had a incomprehensible force pushing her into prostitution. She was also delivered by the power of GOD through his choice servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Glory to God that promise holiness and deliverance in Zion and possessing of possession for his people.