Significance of Televangelism in Disseminating the Gospel of Jesus

Praise the name of the Lord both from now and forever more, Amen!

Today I want to share something powerful and touching, that am sure will be an eye opener and will transform our lives, as Christians, our eyes of understanding must be open to both spiritual things and physical things, so that we can make the best of our life and our Faith.

Times are changing and with the invention of Technology, it occurs to me, that we are making massive progress in every spheres of human endeavors now than any other time ever before.

As the days are going by and times are changing, We can leverage Technology Advancement to better reach the dying World for Christ, there are so many avenues and opportunity to achieve our mission faster now than ever before, it is the working of the Wisdom of God that brings creativity and weighty Inventions that makes our World a Better place for all to live, which tends to cut across Industrial growth, Technological advancement, Jobs and Employment Opportunities, Economic and Financial Growth in the Nation, if God supply us with Grace and Virtue to be creative at various inventions, then we can also utilize these inventions for his Kingdom Purposes.

So Now, What is Televangelism All About?

Televangelism is  the use of media, specifically radio and television, to communicate Christianity. Televangelists are Christian ministers, whether official or self-proclaimed, who devote a large portion of their ministry to television broadcasting.

So all that is entailed in Televangelism, is using Technology, Media and Electronic Media, especially T.V to broadcast and disseminate the Gospel to the world, it is limited the number of people you can reach with Church meetings, Crusades and in-house events, but with the Media, you can reach the whole world in a seconds, most Ministers across the World, especially in America leverage on televangelism to reach out to the lost souls and dying world with Jesus and the Love of God!

Over the years, we have had records of people receiving Jesus and miracles, Healings in the comfort of their home, as they listen to the word of God been preached on their Screen, this is because there is no barrier in the realm of the spirit, even from a distance, you can receive a touch from God and get Blessed!

I’m going to share today, some major instances where Televangelism as helped to mold and fix the lives, families and marriage of people, across the world, there are even instances ad cases whereby the Televangelist don’t know the Miracle took place and may  never know, the beautiful thing about the word of God when it is been communicated via a vessel of God is that, it is been backed up with Power, for the Bible says, ‘God walking with them, comforting the words with Signs and Wonders following.

Some many years ago, Bishop T.D Jakes was ministering and a notable Voice in our Country, in person of Fela Durotoye, was listening and watching him, it was the night of Fela durotoye’s 40th Birthday and he is just so mad at the wife, that he is threatening and willing to divorce, end it there and send her packing, as he kept listening to T.D Jakes, something  happened, Bishop Jakes gave a prophecy of someone watching him right now, whom in their family line everyone divorce and have issues in marriage, after the 40th Birthday and the same thing is just right about to happen to you, and he prayed, that was how Fela Durotoye’s Understanding came alive and his Marriage was rescued, he wanted to send the woman packing that night, but it was raining, so he decided to wait till the following day, before taking the step, but fortunately for him, the ministration of Bishop T.D Jakes came right on the scene and that how was the marriage got rescued from Destruction, to God be the Glory!

Let me share another wonderful Story here, One day Apostle Johnson Suleman was ministering in their Church Headquarter, Auchi and he gave a prophecy for a man watching the program on Celebration T.V whose wife is currently blind, he gave an instruction, that the man should touch the T.V (as a point of contact with the unction of God through Faith) and go lay the hands on his Wife in the room, and she will see, lo and Behold; God came right on the scene and confirm the word of his Servant.  The man followed the instruction and his Wife gained back her Sight!

The man was so filled with Joy that he had to dial the number on the scene to share the testimony, even right in the midst of the service, and it was announced to the glory and praise of God.

Let me share this last one before we conitue, God’s servant Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Christian Center was ministering in Abuja one day and a lady who happened to be a prostitute was right in the Hotel with her ‘so-called’ client and ready to mess up with immorality, and perhaps, by mistake, she tuned the T.V and landed on Dunamis T.V and saw Dr Paul Ministering and talking about living a life that pleases God, and forsaken old ways and unrighteousness, this word so entered into her, and she was under the influence of the Power of God via Strong Conviction of the Holy Spirit, to the end that, she put on her cloth, get out of the Hotel, ran down to the church and confessed her Sins, and that was how she got saved and God delivered her.

These are testimonies of Changed life via Televangelism, if I want to keep sharing testimonies, I would write all day, there are just too many of them, and with the age of technology and social media that we are in today, it is easier and faster to get the Gospel of Jesus to the world.

Many of us watch program livestream on Facebook and get Blessed, especially in Situations where you are in a far distance away, and there is a move of God going on somewhere, and you’re willing to connect,  Facebook and Youtube is a good platform to achieve that now.

Many Churches programs are now available on Youtube and many livestream both to Youtube and Facebook, this is almost more effective even than just Television broadcast.

Ministries and Ministers must begin to consider the power of Technology and utilize them to the best possible extend that will bring the result that we desire, get the GOSPEL to the dying world, rescue the world from Satan and demonic operation.

Darkness is fast covering the earth and the solution is LIGHT!

The Bible says ‘Ye, are the light of the World, a City set upon the Hill cannot be Hidden!’

So we are the solution to the dying world, we have the solution right inside of us, which is Jesus!

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda held a Crusade in the City of Ogbomoso in Oyo State Nigeria recently and I was there, the Equipment’s, drone, sound system, camera, speakers and the entire Technology Gadgets that was put in place was massive and astonishing and it facilitate the fulfillment of the Crusade and make it a Great Success!

That is exactly what we are talking about, reaching the world for Jesus through the fastest and most efficient available means possible!

The Bible says, ‘Heaven rejoice over one sinner, that repent, so we have a lot of sinners to reach out to with Jesus and make heaven Happy!

Most of the challenges in Nations and problems in the lives of people can be solved by the Presence of God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit is a teacher, he will teach and show them the way, the greatest need of humanity is the word of God, that is why the bible says, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone! But by every word that proceed from the mouth of God’.

So any time we have the opportunity to get the word of God across to various villages, cities, nations, families, homes, community, we have solve their greatest need and God will begin to work in their lives, inspiring them by his Spirit and taking over their mind to become sound and creative, thus solving various problems, spiritually, financially, economic and government problems, just anything can be sorted, when JESUS is welcome into the land.

God Bless you!


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