Winners across Lagos and Ota, please join me to celebrate Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.

Let us give God all the glory because I know without God, Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr can do nothing.
Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr is a man zealous for God; a pastor with tenacity, full of God’s love.

He preaches the Bible as it is, never compromising the Word of God.

He is full of the Holy Spirit; a pastor that has God as the standard for his life. He has his heart filled with God.
He is a pastor that the storm sees and becomes calm.

Winners Chapel Canaaanland aka Faith Tabernacle took a new turn when he took over, the storm became calm.

The enemies of the church went into hiding and the mouth of accusers was shut.
I remember at the beginning of his work in Ota, during the One Night with the King in January, He gave me a formula that not only change my spiritual Life but also my career Life. Just like Matt. 6:33 is real, the ALL for ALL, SOME for SOME and NONE for NONE formula works like Fire.

Infact a combination of this two makes you The Great Light in your community.
The result of Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr’s works in the Lagos church surpasses all human imagination and understanding by reason of supernatural happenings in God’s vineyard.
Young men met with Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr and their lives never remained the same.

Giants and many armies of Christ were raised through Him. His love for church members is true.

He ministers in truth with strength and love.

His teachings are accompanied by testimonies of God’s goodness.
To God alone be all the glory.

You will agree with me that I cannot complete this write up without mentioning pastor’s sweetheart, Mrs Kemi Oyedepo.

She is a woman of God, a treasure in the hand of the most high God.

She is the loving and caring mother of Blessing and Paul.

Prayer is her life style; she prays in tongues for many hours.

She is a woman after God’s own heart; a great example for other women to follow.

I love, admire and respect her.
I learned so much from her ministry: Crisis-Proof Your Family (CPF).

CPF has been a blessing to many through her.

You cannot find Mrs. Kemi Oyedepo with negative confessions; she is always conscious of her God-given assignment.

I watched her from afar, she is a mirror of glory. She is not worldly. You may call her old school, you are entitled to your own opinion, but, like her husband, God is the standard for Mrs Kemi Oyedepo’s way of life.
Her spirit is genuine, truthful, and honest, her smile is real and her appearance is godly.

She is a pointer and an exemplary of a pastor’s wife. I love her beyond what words can describe.
I remember the last time Mrs Kemi Oyedepo hugged me, I felt true love.

As I usually say, may God bless the parents that gave birth to Mrs. Kemi Oyedepo.
Pastor David, your hardwork in the church and across the world proves that you are indeed a legitimate son of your father, the Lion – Bishop David Oyedepo and Mama – Mrs. Faith Oyedepo because giants can only give birth to a giant.
I decree in the mighty name of Jesus, that the exploits of Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr. will supersede those of his father.
And to all great team that works with Pastor and makes Pastor’s assignment a success, you will not lack help and your generations are blessed in Jesus name.
I conclude with one of Pastor David’s favourite scriptures, 2 Corinthians 3:18, and I say, as you behold the glory of God, YOU WILL MOVE FROM GLORY TO GLORY EVEN AS THE SPIRIT OF GOD YOUR FATHER IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME.
Happy One Year in Office Sir.