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Shocking!!! God saved this family from a Fatal Accident (Photos)

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You wouldn’t believe this actually happened for real, can you imagine this?

God indeed is infinite and amazing!!!

He’s the Lord God almighty, and there i nothing, he can not do.


Join this family in praising God for delivering them from this fatal accident,
No life lost,
No injuries,
Thank god for this family, let the same God that did this continue to deliver you in all your ways ‘in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!!!

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  1. kayode

    February 2, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Thank God for them…. But let’s just be careful of what we post here, how can you say fatal accident and yet no life was lost? Wouldn’t it be better you say close to fatal since no life was lost?! That’s one, you also said no injury, while there is trace of blood on that seat or am I the only one seeing it? Let’s watch what we say please to avoid making ourselves lier

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