Hello everybody, so today, i want to take a little rush to discuss about the issue of Sex, Purity Fornication, Courtship, DATING, Marriage and Christian Relationship…

Even in our churches this days, this issue is no longer discussed, because we felt and believe when everybody blasts in Tongue, they are free from sexual sin and they will naturally stay and live in Purity, this is suppose to be the standard, however, we have had case of people violating this standard, and it is becoming important that we address this issue in the church, so that we can raise a God’s own people, youth, generation and future.

My Point of Focus, in this article which i really want to make very clear to everyone is that, “ SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE IS WRONG, AND IS SINFUL, IT’S FORNICATION…. and we must fight against it.

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Now, I know its very deep issue actually, i understand, there is a whole lot around it, but the standard of God stands sure, that is what the Bible says.

No matter our walk with God, work for God and our going to church, the place of “The Love of God and Referential Fear of God”, must never be ignored.

The other day when Joseph was confronted with Temptation, he said, How can i do this great wickedness and sin against God? – Genesis 39:9.

This is a good example and prove of True Referential fear of GOD.

Also, it is important that we know, that the Bible says, we should flee from sexual immorality – 1 Corinthians 6:18.

God had to instruct us to flee from sexual immorality, because he understands the levity and effect on our glorious Destiny in Christ Jesus.

My brothers and Sisters, when the Lord God says flee, then let us not question him, he didn’t say, PRAY or FAST, he said “Flee..”

This is a prove, there is a danger ahead, so do well to better flee away from sexual sins.

There are some folks that i have been privilege to meet and some of them, say;

“I am out with a lady, and she is the only one, i sleep with, so i am not a sinner…..

But the truth is, so long you are not yet married, it is not legal to have sex or any other sexual things to do together, We must understand the fact that, the law of God are not grievous, they are loving and design to give us a perfect and glorious destiny and Life.

When you follow the patterns of God laid down in the word of God, you are sure going to have an ever winning and Victorious Life on the earth, remember he’s Alpha Omega, he knows the end from the beginning.

He knows your future right before you were born, America as a nation today is in serious marriage crisis due to the fact that, many people there do marriage at will and as they wish, not as the Lord as instructed, untill you follow the standard of God, you will not succeed in any endeavors.

To those who have agreed to marry themselves, yet they are sleeping around and having sex with each others “It is still SINFUL, and those who are not yet attached to someone whom they want to marry, but they find pleasure in securing one sex partner or the other, it is still Sinful too, you must be careful, you must watch, you must take heed!

The Bible says, “But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints; – Ephesians 5:3  “.

So for the sake of who we are “Saints” and for the sake of the Kingdom, where we belong, it is important that we live by the precept of God, and in a relationship, and courtship, where you so love your partner, it is important that you make it known to one another that, “No marriage, No Sex ” No matter what.

There is always a compulsory, self discipline and self denial called “Abstinence “.


It won’t be forever, it will only be for a while, so you must always ring it to the bell of your mind and also to your partner, it is to the end that, the both of you can live and keep the laws of God, knowing fully well, that there is a reward for obedience, when yu obey and hearken to the laws of God, you expereince peace and serenity in all your endeavors.

If you have ever fallen down to the sin of Fornication, I decree in the name of Jesus, as you take  a new decision today, you are set free.

That whch God as prepare fr you in Life and Destiny, no devil will be able to stop it in Jesus name!

God bless you, remember  Righteousness, exalts a Nation, Sin is a reproachProverbs 14:34 .

So the Price of living a Righteousness not withstanding, it is to the end that you may be exalted and lifted above all the nations of the earth, because when the ways of a man pleases the Lord, he maketh him to be at peace with his enemies Proverbs 16:7 .

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May God grant you fresh understanding into his deep mysteries and his ways.