Nigerians have not only taken advantage of internet only in vast resources for socializing but also to make money legitimately.

Individuals use the internet for freelancing services and the importation of goods from reputable companies.

For this reason, there is a high increase in the rate at which people use e-commerce websites in Nigeria.

One of the leading e-commerce sites in Nigeria is JUMIA.

The Jumia site has a lot of merchants registered with it selling their goods via this platform.

The e-commerce site is undoubtedly Nigerian’ s favorite as it experiences mass visit from Nigerians all over the country.

The traffic is sometimes very frustrating that the management has over the years reported of server crashes. This is the indication that  if you want to sell anything quickly online without having to spend money creating a website, then Jumia is the best place to start off.

Jumia has various collection points both in Nigeria and across Africa. They deliver their product with a sense of professionalism while prioritizing their customers satisfaction. With quite a number of discount and promotion, Jumia Is positioning itself as one of the foremost online shopping site destination for qualitative yet affordable product via a trusted payment platform.

Selling your goods products or goods on an e-commerce established  site like Jumia is a wise step to follow without having to worry about creating a website . selling your products on jumia will boost customers trust and reliability since people are of the knowledge that their money can be refunded if they don’t want the goods again and they are also assured of customer support in cases where complains has to be lodged.

Jumia also work with DHL; a leading courier services known for it quality and speedy delivery of goods to customers both here in Nigeria and outside the country  as such you don’t have to bother about how to get your goods across to your customers on

The following process will help you on how to go about selling your products on Jumia

  1. The first step to getting your products on jumia is to visit their website; http://www. you will need to go through the listed categories on the website to see where your product fit in conveniently.
  2. The next step is the preparation of a good business proposal. You will need the proposal  for the presentation of  a good pitch to the admin at Jumia.   The business proposal will entail a good pitch, information on the products you intend to sell on the e-commerce platform  and then send it as an attached file to  Every potential seller is summoned to present samples of the products they intend to sell.  The quality assurance manager will have to give approval for the quality of your goods and once that is done, you begin to negotiate to reach a beneficial agreement or contract as regards the percentage of commission on each of the products that will be sold.
  3. You need to take your product to jumia for storage. Jumia will then list the product for you on their site . For each sale that is made certain percentage goes to jumia as commission . a third party cannot list their product on jumia if the following process above is not duely followed.

There are quite a lot of competition as regards e-commerce but this shouldn’t deter you. The trick to beating your competitors is to browse through the various categories on jumia and take note of the products that are selling well. Run a review, comparing the prices of goods on jumia with other e-commerce platforms in Nigeria with the goods you intend to import and list on Jumia.

Also avoid importing goods from established brands because these brands already have a working relationship with jumia and sell their products at a low price. Go for items that are not too expensive but \re of necessity to a common man both to own and use.