This is so amazing and almost unbelievable, and i strongly perceive, this is the reason why the Bible says;

The Young shall Grow and that we should ” Despise not the days of little beginning”.

This is so amazing!!

Would you believe this is your Spiritual Father while he was young and still picking up life gradually?

Well, this is impressive and encouraging!

When God calls a man, he wants to bless him and decorate his Destiny indeed and of a Truth!

Blessed be the name of the Lord forever!

See The Photos Below;


I strongly want to use this encourage our young Christian Sisters and Singles, the man coming to  you might not look so Big yet, but he has a Big God, and a Great Destiny just ahead of him, Look at Papa today, everything as changed and they are shinning!

He might not look like it yet, but every JOSEPH and DAVID does not look like their enthronement, while still on their way to the Throne, so you must believe and be willing to follow the man, after you have gotten the witnessing of God’s Spirit, that he is the one, God bless you.

See the New State of the both of them today!


Our God is indeed faithful, what he do to one, he can do to all, if he brought them thus far, there is absolutely nothing that he can not do to you.

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