Bishop David Oyedepo is practically, a product of many Graces, he partook of many anointing and Grace from various careers and they summed up what makes him a giant in the kingdom today.

Many years ago, the Lord said to him, get down to Benin and meet my servant  “Idahosa” and according to Papa, as at that time, there were any rumors in town against Archbishop Benson Idahosa  (This is a lesson for us o, what the media posts not withstanding, if God calls a man, then, he’s a man of God!). However, since God as spoken, Bishop Oyedepo (Pastor David Oyedepo as at that time), got on the road to Benin.

On his arrival, the Archbishop came to open the door for him, and as he was explaining himself (God told me to come and meet you sir)…

The Archbishop Responded, “He told me, you are coming already, so you are welcome”.

It was a divine connection and a divine appointment.

To God alone be all the glory, we can not be counting the endless impact of the Archbishop Idahosa to the ministry of Bishop Oyedepo today, the impacts are massive and endless.

God is a good God indeed, and he is a master planner, and like Mary said at the wedding, “Whatever he tells you to do, do it!

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